Detachable chains are a simply designed chain that was originally manufactured for the agricultural industry. Disassembly and repairing of steel detachable chain is easy, where a repair in the field will on take a few minutes. This detachable chain is commonly used on machines such as manure spreaders, hay bale elevators, live bottom trailers and other various farm equipment. This chain has been adopted by other industries due to the simplistic design, dependability & affordability.

Steel Detachable Chain Size Chart

Detachable Chain SizesSteel Detachable Chain Size Chart

Tolerances for 10′ section of SDC are +3/8″, –1/8″

Advantages of a Detachable Chain

A detachable chain is a type of chain that is removable from a moving object. It has numerous applications and is often made of steel. This type of detachable chain has been used in industrial and agricultural applications since the early 1900s. Its advantages include being lightweight, economical, and durable. A detachable steel chain is one of the oldest styles of chains available. It originated in the agricultural industry, where it was made to be easily disassembled and repaired on the job site.

Steel Detachable Chain Links

It is commonly found on manure spreaders and hay bale elevators. Because of its dependability, other industries began to adopt it. These chains are available in a variety of sizes and pitches, from 0.904″ to 2.313″.

Steel detachable chains can be disassembled with minimal effort, except in the case of very rusted or frozen chains. The first step is to remove the barrel from the hook portion of the chain. Then, slide the barrel to the side of the chain. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions closely to avoid bending or damaging the chain.

An improved chain construction eliminates the high-friction grinding action of the link ends against the sprocket teeth. The link end portions are surrounded by spring members that provide a large area of resilient contact with the drive sprocket teeth. The retaining spring members also fulfill a practical requirement for detachability by easily springing out of recesses 18 in the projecting link portions.

Detachable Chain Uses

A detachable chain is an industrial chain that transmits power between toothed sprockets. It is composed of two pieces: an apertured link and a spring clip member that engages the teeth of drive sprockets. It is generally used in low-speed applications, such as in farm implements and light conveyors. Roller chains, on the other hand, are used for high-speed operations.

Detachable chains are easy to install and disassemble. They come with a number of attachments, which enable them to fit various types of equipment. They can be attached to belting, bars, and rods. The material and number of teeth determine the speed of the chain. Steel detachable chains are easy to install and repair.

Steel detachable chain is beneficial in day-to-day applications in machinery. It can be used as a drive chain on older farm equipment. It is a durable chain with few maintenance requirements. If the chain breaks, simply hammer out the links and replace them with a new ones.

A detachable chain is characterized by its torus-shaped links. These links are used for pulling, lifting, and securing.

Detachable Chain Uses


Casting Detachable Chains is the first malleable iron chain to be employed extensively for industry-wide applications. It is a lightweight, low-cost chain available in a full range of sizes and can be used in a wide variety of applications where light and medium loads are carried at slow or intermediate speeds in relatively clean atmospheres.

Constructed of one-piece, interconnecting links, Detachable Link Chain is easy to assemble and disassemble. Individual links are inserted from one side, at the proper angle, as illustrated. When fully inserted, the link is lowered to the same plane as the rest of the chain and becomes an interlock chain segment until it is again raised to the proper angle and detached.

Where no take-up is available in a chain application, properly pitched coupler links, attached in pairs with pin and cotter, can be used to join ends into a continuous chain with a minimum of slack. Detachable Chain operates with the closed side of the hook riding next to the sprocket wheel. For drive applications, the direction of travel is in the direction of the hook; for conveyorand elevator applications, the direction of travel is in the direction of the end bar.

The pitch range of our Detachable Chain, 0.902 to 4.063 inches, satisfies a wide variety of detachable applications. A complete range of attachment styles is offered. Cast steel sprockets are available for every detachable pitch size.

Material: Detachable Chain are links cast of malleable iron or Promal (Duramal). It is furnished with carbon steel heat treated pins and carbon steel case hardened bushings as standard. However, stainless steel pins and bushings can be provided when specified.

Detachable Chain Links

Detachable Chain Sprocket

A detachable chain sprocket is a component of drive train system. They are usually installed using standard bolts, and have contoured hardened teeth that prevent wear and damage to the chain. They are easy to install and have a long service life.

Detachable chains are generally made of steel, which is a heat-treated metal. They are made for medium loads and speeds, and are easily repaired if damage occurs. Since they are easy to install and repair, they are often used on farm equipment, including hay bale elevators and manure spreaders. Due to their dependability, other industries have started to use them. They are also available in a variety of sizes and pitches. You can find more at Ever-power, one of the professional 链轮供应商.

Steel Detachable Chain Sprockets