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Business Policy:
Be established in the
domestic market,
look out on the
Make perfection more perfect,
develop the characteristic;
Team up and be innovative,
be honest and credit;
To satisfy the customers,
dedicate the society.
Business Theory:
Paying back the customers by the
��more perfect and reliable�� products;
Winning the market by the promise of
��credit as essential and excellent service��.


Dong Chuan Spirit:

1.Make perfection more perfect

��Make perfection more perfect�� is to pursue, to outreach and is philosophy. Dong Chuan people are just like the chain, connected with the company. They are continue digging self-value and to overpass. There is no best but better. Paying back the customers with the innovative products and excellent service, and accomplishing their glorious lives upon the affirmative of the market.

2.Reliable Quality

��Reliable Quality��, confidence comes from the superior equipments, advanced technology and strict quality management system. Dong Chuan people are just like the chain, they put their unlimited passion into the products, pay close attention to the details of the products, renovate and challenge constantly, manufacture reliable quality products with reliable people, survive with the excellent quality and win the market with reputation.

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