Detachable Chains

Casting Detachable Chains is the first malleable iron chain to be employed extensively for industry-wide applications. It is a lightweight, low cost chain available in a full range of sizes and can be used in a wide variety of applications where light and medium loads are carried at slow or intermediate speeds in relatively clean atmospheres.

Constructed of one-piece, interconnecting links, Detachable Chain is easy to assemble and to disassemble. Individual links are inserted from one side, at the proper angle, as illustrated. When fully inserted, the link is lowered to the same plane as the rest of the chain and becomes an interlock chain segment until it is again raised to the proper angle and detached.

Detachable Chains

Where no take-up is available in a chain application, properly pitched coupler links, attached in pairs with pin and cotter, can be used to join ends into a continuous chain with a minimum of slack. Detachable Chain operates with the closed side of the hook riding next to the sprocket wheel. For drive applications, the direction of travel is in the direction of the hook; for conveyorand elevator applications, the direction of travel is in the direction of the end bar.

The Detachable chain is manufactured in our cast of malleable iron or Promal (Duramal). Tensile strengths of Promal links range from 880 to 21,250 pounds. Two link styles are also available: Style •A" has a plain hook and fulfills standard service requirements; Style "B" has a ribbed hook more suitable for heavy-duty service. All Detachable links are precision made to standard chain industry specifications and are interchangeable with other manufacturers' chain links.

The pitch range of our Detachable Chain, 0.902 to 4.063 inches, satisfies a wide variety of detachable applications. A complete range of attachment styles is offered. Brutaloy or cast steel sprockets are available for every detachable pitch size.

Material: Detachable Chain are links cast of malleable iron or Promal (Duramal). It is furnished with carbon steel heat treated pins and carbon steel case hardened bushings as standard. However, stainless steel pins and bushings can be provided when specified.

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