Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor

Discover Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressors: The Ultimate Solution for Clean, Energy-Efficient Air Power – Ideal for Sensitive Industries like Food, Pharma, and More. Experience Unmatched Purity, Silent Operation & Low Maintenance.

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Global Initiative 1.2Mpa Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor


Ever-power  is always working for high technology of . After developing of water lubrication oil freescrew air compressor, we continue develop the two-stage compression of 4.0Mpa oil free screw aircompressor & 4.0Mpa micro oil screw air compressor. What's more , Ever-power participated the drawing up ofnational industry compressor standards such as JB/T 11882-2014 and JB/T12565-2015. 0il-free scroll aircompressor is a new design and developed by Ever-power which is different from any others scroll air compressor inthe world. Ever-power scroll air compressor more reasonable structure, good heat dissipation, longer using life, betterstability, air-end 2years warranty and also we are the only one who can manufacture 1.2vpa scroll aircompressor in the global.


Low Noise

Maintenance Free

Zero Discharge

Details of Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor


  • High precision & inventive design air-end, longer service time and 2yearswarranty;
  • Using permanent magnet motor, compressor efhciency is improved 10% ;
  • Motor is connected with air-end directly, without belt, , no needadjustment, super low noise ;
  • PLC controller displays discharge temperature, pressure, operation time.
    maintenance remain and fault alarm, etc.



Stainless steel connection



Intelligent PLC controller



Stiffness Air-end



Permanent magnet motor



Permanent magnet motor



Stainless steel air tank

Working Principle of Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor


  • Air compression processes which is realized by the movement of rotor and stator. The air is sucked fromthe side of air-end, rotor seals the compression chamber and air is compressed gradually along with rotoimovement and compression chamber become smaller. Compressed air is discharged from the center ofstator. This is a continuous processes, the discharged compressed air is smooth and no fluctuation.
  • The movement of rotor refer figure 1-4 (suction – compression – exhaust). The suction air is graduallycompressed in the smaller and smaller compression chamber due to rotor and stator movement, at last thecompressed air is discharged from the center discharge hole.
Stiffness air end
0 single air end scroll air compressor 1 897001

Single Air End Type

  • World first innovating of high stiffness air end.
  • High effclency permanent magnet motor
  • Stainless steel air storage tank
  • Individual cooling fan
  • Air flter precision is 1um
  • Stainless steel pipe and connection
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Multi Air End Type

  • Flexible
  • Multi air-ends modular design
  • 2~4pcs scroll air-end built in one, To save energy, we consider many kinds ofusing situation,and set main air-end and slave air-end start, stop and self-rotation automatically areaccording with the air demand, Maximum prolong the compressor service time and save theenergy cost.
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Individual Air End Set Type

  • Super quiet design
  • Simple and convenient
  • Air-end set can be match with any devices which need compressed air
  • Oil-free: no need any lubrication oil
  • Stable and reliable: oil grease is added one time per year
  • Low consumable cost: only air flter and sealing element are consumables

Oil-Free VS Traditional Belt-Type Scroll Air Compressor


CategoryTraditional Belt-Driven Scroll Air Compressor
  • Host: Patented technology, square design, easily reaches 1.25Mpa pressure.
  • Motor: It uses the most energy-saving permanent magnet motor with an efficiency of over 91%.
  • Control panel: It uses a four-line LCD display control panel to display the operating pressure in real time, as well as various early warnings, alarms and maintenance prompts. A 9-inch touch screen is used for more than three hosts.
  • Host: The host is traditionally designed, and the maximum pressure can only reach 1.0Mpa.
  • Motor: It uses ordinary motors with low efficiency, only 84%.
  • Control panel: It uses a control panel in the form of a semiconductor light-emitting digital tube. It can only display pressure, and other displays can only rely on codes.
    Oil UsageDoes not require oil for lubrication, making it suitable for applications where oil-free air is necessary, such as food and pharmaceutical industries.Requires oil for lubrication, which can contaminate the compressed air. Additional filtration or separation systems may be needed to ensure oil-free air output.
    MaintenanceLower maintenance due to the absence of oil changes and related components.Higher maintenance due to regular oil changes, filter replacements, and potential issues with oil leaks or contamination.
    Energy EfficiencyOften more energy-efficient due to direct drive technology and fewer moving parts, leading to less energy loss.Less energy-efficient compared to oil-free models, as energy is lost in the belt drive system and through friction in oil-lubricated components.
    Noise LevelTends to operate quieter due to the design that minimizes vibrations and the lack of a noisy belt drive system.Can be noisier due to the operation of the belt drive system and potential vibration from oil-lubricated components.
    CostInitial cost can be higher due to the specialized design and components required for oil-free operation.Generally lower initial cost but potentially higher operating costs over time due to maintenance and energy consumption.
    Air QualityProvides high-quality, clean air free from oil contamination, ideal for sensitive applications.Air quality depends on the efficiency of the filtration system; there's a risk of oil carryover if not properly maintained.
    ApplicationsSuited for industries with strict air quality standards like food processing, medical, and electronics manufacturing.Suitable for general industrial use where oil contamination is not a concern, such as automotive workshops and construction sites.
    DurabilityLong lifespan due to reduced wear from the absence of oil and fewer moving parts.Durability can vary; belt and oil-related components may degrade over time, requiring replacement.

    Application of Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor

    air supply bus

    Electric bus air supply solution

    In electric buses, oil-free scroll air compressors play a key role in providing clean, dry compressed air for the vehicle's braking system, door control system, and pneumatic tools. As electric buses have strict requirements on environmental friendliness and operating efficiency, the oil-free design can ensure air quality and avoid potential damage to electrical components and braking systems caused by oil pollution. At the same time, its high efficiency and low noise characteristics also meet the needs of urban bus operations.

    High-speed rail air supply solution

    The pneumatic system of high-speed rail trains requires a highly reliable compressed air supply for brake control, door operation, and internal equipment in the carriage. Oil-free scroll air compressors are an ideal choice for high-speed rail air supply due to their excellent stability, continuous operation capability, and zero oil contamination risk. They can ensure the safety and stability of high-speed trains, while reducing maintenance costs and downtime, and ensuring passenger safety and travel comfort.

    air supply high speed train
    air supply cnc precision machine tool

    Air supply solution for precision machine tools

    When processing high-precision parts, precision machine tools have extremely high requirements for the purity of compressed air. Any tiny oil stain may cause product defects or equipment damage. The pure compressed air provided by the oil-free scroll air compressor can effectively avoid oil molecules from contaminating the processing process, protect precision machinery from damage, and ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the workpiece. It is suitable for precision machinery processing, semiconductor manufacturing and other fields.

    Air supply solutions for precision spray coating

    Oil-free scroll air compressors are indispensable in the automotive manufacturing, electronics and other industries that require fine coating. The oil-free compressed air it provides can ensure that the coating surface is free of oil stains and impurities, improving the coating quality and appearance. This is crucial to improving the market competitiveness of products, especially in the production of high-end automobiles and precision electronic products, where flawless surface treatment is a basic requirement.

    air supply spary line
    air supply medical

    Medical equipment air supply solutions

    Medical equipment such as respiratory therapy equipment, surgical tools and laboratory analytical instruments have extremely strict requirements on the purity of compressed air. Oil-free scroll air compressors can ensure that the air is free of oil, microorganisms and other pollutants, meet medical-grade air standards, and protect patient health and safety. Its low noise characteristics and reliability are also necessary for hospital environments, helping to maintain a quiet and clean treatment and working environment.