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Single Split Shaft Collar

The single split shaft collar is one of many types of shaft collars available. These collars wrap around the shaft and provide a more even distribution of clamping force, increasing holding power and reducing labor costs. They can be easily installed and disassembled, making them versatile and convenient to use. They can be used on either hard or soft standard round shafts, and provide excellent grip and axial power while minimizing shaft distortion.


Timing Belt Pulleys

Single split shaft collars are one-piece clamps on a collar with a split on one side with a machine screw. They are used as machine stops, bearing retainers or shaft protectors on round shafts, bars and tubes. Similar to double-split shaft collars, the machine screw is tightened to close the clamp around the shaft.


  • Simple installation and infinitely adjustable.
  • Provides greater holding force than set screw collars.
  • Will not damage mating shafts as setting collars do.


A more positive fit to shafting can be realized when using the shaft collar with a split on one side. Used to hold bearings, sprockets, sheaves, and other items on shafting.

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Single Split Shaft Collar Features

Single split shaft collars are an economical way to install shaft collars on non-rotating shafts. They feature a slit that is drilled in the collar and is closed with a hex socket cap screw. The collars are easy to install and disassemble, reducing downtime and labor costs.

Single split shaft collars are also available with a set screw. The set screw engages the shaft and generates holding power. This is not always a desirable feature since it can mar the shaft. Furthermore, setting screws reduces the holding power of other clamping forces. However, it does not impact the collar’s intended function.

A single split shaft collar is an excellent choice for hard or soft standard round shafts. It wraps around the shaft to provide even clamping power, which is more effective than a solid shaft collar. They are also indefinitely adjustable and can be easily removed if needed. These collars are available in a variety of designs and are typically used on standard round shafts. They offer superior grip compared to solid collars, and they also minimize shaft distortion.

When evaluating single split shaft collars, it is important to keep in mind that they are not meant to be overtightened. In addition, a single split shaft collar should not have a closed gap. When determining which shaft collar is suitable for your machine, it is important to check the shaft diameter, as it will affect the holding power. You should also check the size of the shaft collar compared to its bore size. A larger shaft collar will require more torque to bend, and it may increase the static load due to gravity.

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