Double pitch sprocket

Double pitch chain refers to doubling the pitch of the standard chain, but other parameters are the same. Because the pitch is longer, it is only suitable for transportation. The used with it is the double pitch sprocket.

Double pitch chain sprocket transmission. This transmission mechanism has high transmission efficiency, less tooth wear and long service life. It is worth popularizing and can be widely used in steel, chemical fiber and other transportation

As shown in the figure, when each roller skips a tooth, and the number of teeth of the sprocket is odd, the chain roller uses different teeth each time it rotates. The mechanism can prolong the service life of the chain wheel and reduce wear.
The S-type roller chain can be used with more than 30 standard sprockets with upper teeth.

Standard Roller Sizes C2040-C2160H                        Large Rollers Sizes C2042-C2162H         Double pitch sprocket ep sprocket2 issue1

Double pitch sprocket ep sprocket1 issue1


Standard Roller Sizes C2040-C2160H

For these sizes, the Roller Diameter and Inner Width are the same as the single-pitch version. But the pitch is twice the size (hence the term “double-pitch”). Because of the pitch difference, the pressure angle on the sprocket is different from the single-pitch version. Therefore, for tooth counts of 30 or less, a “double-pitch sprocket” must be used for a “double-pitch chain.” For 31 teeth and above, a double-pitch chain can use any standard single-pitch sprocket without any operational deficiency.

For example, a C2060H chain will engage appropriately with a 60B33 sprocket. However, the same chain cannot engage with a 60B17 sprocket; in this case, a 2060B17 sprocket must be used.

It is important to note that standard roller double-pitch sprockets are double-duty, meaning there are two teeth per pitch. That means that the adequate number of teeth is half the actual tooth count.

Large Rollers Sizes C2042-C2162H

A large roller chain cannot run on the single-pitch equivalent; for example, a C2042 chain cannot engage with a 40B15 sprocket. Because the roller is more significant, it will not “seat” correctly in the sprocket tooth. Because of this, specific sprockets must be ordered for sizes C2042-C2162H.

Adapted to:

  • roller chains based on the requirements of ISO/R 606
  • all sprockets with pilot bore
  • available with type A plate wheels, simplex roller chain
  • sprockets, duplex roller chain sprockets, triplex roller chain sprockets, four-strand roller chain sprocket
  • the material used for chain sprocket is carbon steel 45
  • Heat treatment and unique surface treatments are available on request:

Black oxide sprocket with hard teeth

What are double-pitch chains used for?

The double-pitch series is ideal for light to medium material handling applications. These chains are similar to standard chains except that the plates are straight, and the pitch is twice that of standard chains.

Double pitch sprocket ep double pitch chain

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