Plastic Sprocket

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Plastic Sprockets

The plastic made of these durable polymer materials has the advantages of wear resistance and noise reduction compared with similar metal products. Ever-power nylon plastics are resistant to harsh chemicals and pollutants.

Plastic power transmission parts do not rust like many metals and can survive in the worst environmental conditions.

The Ever-power parts are made of food grade materials and have the self lubrication function.

Advantages of using plastic sprockets

Compared with of the same size, metal sprockets operate well and have good dimensional stability when temperature and humidity change. But compared with metal materials, plastics have many advantages in cost, design, processing and performance.
Compared with metal forming, the inherent design freedom of plastic forming ensures more efficient sprocket manufacturing. Plastic can be used to shape internal , gear sets, worm gears and other products, but it is difficult to use metal materials to shape them at a reasonable price. Plastic sprockets have wider application fields than metal sprockets, so they promote the development of gears to bear higher loads and transmit greater power. Plastic chain wheel is also an important material to meet the requirements of low silent operation, which requires the appearance of high-precision, new chain wheel and materials with excellent lubricity or flexibility.
Sprocket made of plastic generally do not need secondary processing, so compared with metal sprockets made of stamping parts and machine parts, the cost is reduced by 50% to 90%. Plastic sprockets are lighter and more inert than stainless steel sprockets, and can be used in environments where metal sprockets are prone to corrosion and degradation, such as the control of water meters and chemical equipment.
Compared with the metal sprocket, plastic sprocket can deflect and deform to absorb impact load, and can better disperse local load changes caused by shaft deflection and staggered teeth. The inherent lubrication characteristics of many plastics make them ideal gear materials for printers, toys and other low load operating mechanisms, excluding lubricants. In addition to operating in a dry environment, the sprocket can also be lubricated with grease or oil.

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Extrusion processing

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Milling machine processing

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Lathe processing

Lathe processing

Abrasive tools

In order to meet the diversified needs of customers, we provide sprocket made of industrial plastics. Compared with traditional metal sprockets, plastic sprockets usually show advantages in performance and durability. The benefits of using plastic sprockets include extended chain life, corrosion resistance, light weight, and reduced noise. Our plastic chain wheels are made of materials approved by USDA/FDA for food or drug processing and packaging. Snap rings and grease grooves, special notches and special tooth sizes are also available. Martin can make products with several types of plastics, including nylon, UHMW, acetal, and PTFE ®、 Polypropylene.

Multiple processing methods

As a professional China sprocket manufacturer and professional supplier, we ensure the quality of every sprocket. All items are checked and tested thoroughly during every working procedure and after the product is finally manufactured to ensure that the best quality product goes out in the market.