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Electric Motors

Electric Motor – What is it and types:

An electric motor may be a machine that converts electricity into energy. The interaction between the magnetic field of the motor and the electric current in a wire winding is how most electric motors work. This combination generates a force in the form of torque, which is applied to the motor’s shaft (according to Faraday’s Law).

In most electric motors, mechanical torque is produced by the interaction of conductors carrying current during a direction perpendicular to a magnetic flux. The ways in which the conductors and the field are arranged, as well as the control that may be exerted over mechanical output torque, speed, and position, differ across the many types of electric motors.

The different types of motors are:

  • DC (Direct Current) Motors
  • synchronized motors
  • three phases Induction motors
  • Single Phase Induction Motors
  • Other hyper-specific, specialized motors

Synchronized motors:

The rotor of a synchronous motor revolves at the same rate as the machine’s revolving field. The stator resembles an induction machine, consisting of a tubular iron frame with three-phase windings arranged in slots around the inner circumference. The rotor comprises an insulated winding that is generally connected to a direct current source through slip rings or other ways.

Working Principle of Synchronous motors:

When understanding the stator windings coupled to a three-phase alternating-current source, the operation of a synchronous motor can be understood. For a frequency of f hertz and p poles, the effect of the stator current is to create a magnetic field that rotates at 120 f/p revolutions per minute.

A magnetic field rotating at rotor speed is produced by a direct current in a p-pole field winding on the rotor. If the rotor speed is set to the same as the stator field and no-load torque is applied, the two magnetic fields will tend to align. The rotor slides back a number of degrees with regard to the stator’s rotating field when mechanical force is applied, creating torque and continuing to be dragged around by this revolving field.

Three-phase asynchronous electric motor, Single phase capacitor start motors, single phase capacitor run motor, single phase dual-capacitor motor

Three-phase and single-phase asynchronous electric motors, totally enclosed, with fan cooled ventilation, cage rotor in die-cast aluminium alloy or aluminium, insulation class F,standardised powers from 0.09 to 11kW.

Y2 series three-phase induction motor

  • 380V 50Hz 2-Pole: Y2-631-2—-Y2-315L2-2
  • 380V 50Hz 4-Pole: Y2-631-4—-Y2-315L2-4
  • 380V 50Hz 6-Pole: Y2-711-6—-YW2-315L2-6
  • 380V 50Hz 8-Pole: Y2-801-8—-Y2-315L2-8
  • 380V 50Hz 10-Pole:Y2-315S-8—-Y2-315L2-8

Y Series Three-phase Asynchronous Electric Motor

  • SYNCHRONOUS SPEED 1500 RMP: Y801-2 —- Y315L2-2
  • SYNCHRONOUS SPEED 1500 RMP: Y801-4 —- Y315L2-4
  • SYNCHRONOUS SPEED 1000 RMP: Y90S-6 —- Y315L2-6
  • SYNCHRONOUS SPEED 750 RMP: Y132S-8 —-Y315L2-8
  • SYNCHRONOUS SPEED 600 RMP: Y315S-10 —-Y315L2-10
Stainless Steel Gear Motor

Stainless Steel Motors

HZPT introduces a full line of stainless steel IEC food safety motors fitted with three sizes of stainless steel worm gear reducers designed for harsh washdown conditions in industries where sanitation is critical. The Food Safety series motors or worm gear motors are particularly suitable for the meat, poultry, fish and dairy industries where severe contamination can occur.

NEMA Standard High Efficiency Three-phase Induction motor

  • SYNCHRONOUS SPEED 3600R/MIN 60Hz: 143T—-447TS-2
  • SYNCHRONOUS SPEED 1800R/MIN 60Hz: 143T—-447T-4
  • SYNCHRONOUS SPEED 1200R/MIN 60Hz: 145T—-505T-6

YD Series Pole-changing multi-speed three-phase Asynchronous Electric Motor

  • YD80(1)-4/2—-YD280M-12/8/6/4

YDT Series Change Pole Multi-speed Three Phase Asynchronous motor for Fan and Pump

  • YDT801-4/2—-YDT315L2-8/6/4

YEJ Series Electromagnetic Braking Three Phase Asynchronous motor


Product Showcase

Brake Motors

Electric Motors – Electric Motor Brake Manufacturers Offer Electric Motors for Sale

Electric motors are electric devices or machines that help convert electrical energy into certain types of mechanical energy. These motors are used for various purposes. Most of the top industries use these motors to make things faster, easier and more comfortable than ever before. 

If you are looking for electric motors for sale, you first need to know about the right manufacturer. But the problem actually arises when you get confused on witnessing lots of electric motor brake manufacturers. Obviously, you would like to eliminate this confusion. 

Whether you are looking for a motor for your workshop or home, you need to know a few things about the same such as features, functionality and specs. 

How to Find Best Electric Motors for Sale 

Without any doubt, you would always like to choose the best out of the best motors. For this, you need to know about a store that can help you explore an assortment of different types, models and designs of motors. However, there are various stores online that claim to offer you great quality of motors, but we are certainly a distinct choice. 

Hzpt.com provides unique sets of electric-run motors for sale online. You need to go through a collection of different types of motors for different industries. You can easily find electric-based motors for different purposes. It’s usually observed that most individuals get confused about choosing the right motor due to abundance of choices. If you are also among those guys, you first need to evaluate your budget and requirements. 

Do Electric Motor Brake Manufacturers Provide Quality Motors?

When it comes to choosing a motor for any purpose, you first need to confirm its performance. Now, you may get confused about how you can check its performance even without buying it. So, you need to concentrate on the quality of the same. For evaluating the quality of a motor, you need to go through its features, specs and mechanism. 

You need to know about materials, technology and design used in manufacturing a motor. Without taking features and functionalities of a motor into consideration, you may not be able to choose an innovative motor. So, if you are confused about how to recognize best electric-based brake manufacturers online, you need to go through their offerings. 

Make sure your chosen manufacturer is capable of offering you a range of electric-oriented motors online. Always remember that the quality of a product decides its overall performance. So, you need to thoroughly evaluate features, functions and other specs of electric-based innovative motors online. 

Can I Save Money on Choosing Motors?

However, it’s a great idea to choose high-quality, innovative and customized motors for you, but it doesn’t mean that you should go beyond your budget. Yes, before taking the final step towards making a deal, you first need to ensure whether your chosen motor is an affordable choice or not. 

Always choose a quality motor that can fit into your budget. If you want to check affordable but high-quality of electric-run motors online, you need to go through our collection of motors.

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