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Gear Couplings

The gear coupling is referred to as a modified version of the flange coupling, which can transmit high torque due to the larger size of the teeth. In these types of shaft coupling, the flanges as well as the hub are found to be assembled separately together instead of any single part as a flange coupling.

During its construction, each joint is found to have a 1:1 gear internal ratio along with an external gear pair. And gear coupling is found to be limited to angular misalignments of around 0.01-0.02 inch in parallel as well as in 2 degrees angular. Gear couplings, as well as universal joints, are the ones that are found to be used for similar applications. These are those couplings which are mostly used in heavy-duty applications where the torque transmission is found to be required to be the highest.

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Gear Couplings

Similar to the flange coupling, the hub and the flange of the gear coupling is assembled together, which is the difference between it and the flange coupling. This coupling is used for heavy-duty tools. Gear couplings are rigid couplings and require lubrication during operation.

China Gear Couplings

The Type GICL Gear Couplings

Type GICL gear coupling is suitable for connecting two horizontal coaxial shaft series and having a certain compensatory performance for a relative offset of two axes.

The Structural Diagram of Type GICL1-GICL30 Gear Coupling

China Gear Coupling China Gear Coupling


The Dimensions of Type GICL1-GICL30 Gear Coupling

China Gear CouplingsChina Gear CouplingsChina Gear Couplings


The Type GICLZ Gear Couplings

If the distance between the two connected shaft ends is too long, you can adopt type GICLZ. The nominal torque is between 800-3200000 N.m. Operating ambient temperature is between-20-+80℃.

The Structure of Type GICLZ Gear Couplings

The Structure Diagram of Type GICLZ1~GICLZ14 Gear Coupling The Structure Diagram of Type GICLZ15~GICLZ30 Gear CouplingGICLZ Gear Couplings


The Dimensions of Type GICLZ Gear Couplings

GICLZ Gear CouplingsGICLZ Gear CouplingsGICLZ Gear Couplings


Gear Coupling Appendix 1

Gear Coupling Features

China Gear CouplingsThe gear coupling has a small radial size and a large bearing capacity and is long used for shaft transmission under low-speed and heavy-load conditions. High-precision and dynamically balanced gear couplings can be used for high-speed transmissions, such as the shaft of a gas turbine. Department of transmission. Because the angular compensation of the drum gear coupling is greater than that of the straight gear coupling, the drum gear coupling is widely used.
The more common gear couplings in the market include general structure gear couplings, drum-type gear couplings, nylon gear couplings, etc. Among them, the drum-type gear coupling has many models and is widely used.

Types of Gear Couplings

The gear couplings can be divided into three types according to the axial tooth shape of the outer gear sleeve, namely straight tooth coupling, drum gear coupling and special drum gear coupling. Regardless of the type, the internal ring gear and the involute spur internal gear are the same except for the selection of the top clearance coefficient of the gear teeth.

The axial tooth blank of the outer gear sleeve of the straight-toothed gear coupling can be processed into two types: straight line and arc shape, while the index circle and the dedendum circle are both straight lines. The meshing form of this coupling and gradual. The meshing of the internal and external teeth of the open-line cylindrical gear is exactly the same. The relative displacement between the two shafts is compensated by increasing the backlash of the internal and external teeth, but the amount of compensation is limited.

The tooth top of the outer gear sleeve of the drum-shaped gear coupling is processed into a circular arc; that is, the tooth blank is processed into a spherical surface. In the section of the tooth center plane and tangent to the pitch cylindrical surface, the teeth form a drum shape, which is the so-called drum shape coupling.

China Gear Couplings

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