The taper lock bush can accurately fix the shaft's hub in the axial center. When used with taper lock sprockets, they provide the advantage of faster installation and better alignment than the keyed shaft to hub connections while using less space. The bushings of these sprockets are installed in the hub to achieve a thin profile. The same sprocket can be used for different shaft diameters; Select a compatible taper lock bushing with the required hole size.

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Taper Lock Sprocket Bushed Sprockets

A taper lock sprocket is used for various machines and vehicles. These essential components help drive the mechanism and are fixed to the shaft using tapered bushings.
There are many different types of taper lock sprockets with different sizes of pitch and number of teeth. Choosing the right type is critical for your specific application. As experts in these sprockets, our job is to help you ensure that you get the taper bushing sprockets you need. As one of the professional sprocket manufacturers and suppliers in China, we ensure the quality of every sprocket. Trust us and contact now for more information!

How to install the taper lock sprocket?

  1.  Clean and remove the oil stains on the middle hole of the taper bushing, the cone's outer surface, and the sprocket's inner conical surface. Insert the conical bushing into the sprocket (pay attention to aligning the half-threaded hole with the half-unloading hole)
  2. Coat the hexagon socket head screw with oil and screw it into the thread, but do not tighten it;
  3. Clean up and remove the oil stain on the shaft surface, and install the sprocket together with the tapered bushing at a proper position
  4. When using the key, first install the key into the keyway
  5. According to the torque shown in the table below, gradually tighten the hexagon socket screws with the hexagon socket torque wrench (dn911)
  6. After the load runs for some time (about half an hour), check and ensure that the screw still works under the appropriate tightening torque;
  7. To avoid ash, all gaps shall be filled with grease.
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