Pillow block bearing is an independent bearing unit that can provide support, load, fix functions, and reduce friction resistance. Pillow block bearings are generally composed of gray cast iron, ductile cast iron or steel bearing housings, rolling bearings and related sealing structures, fasteners, etc.

Pillow block bearing generally has a sealing mechanism. It is filled with an appropriate amount of grease to ensure the regular operation of pillow block bearing during the lubrication cycle and provide relubrication oil injection holes.

Types of pillow block bearings

Pillow block bearings are generally divided into integrated and split types, which can be selected according to different installation occasions and requirements. The split bearing housing(also called Plummer blocks) is of upper and lower halves, and the bearings in the bearing housing also have a divided or integral type.

The fixing method of pillow block bearing and the shaft generally adopt a set screw, an eccentric sleeve, etc.