A tractor-mounted 3-point hitch road sweeper is a specialized attachment designed to be mounted on the rear of a tractor using a three-point hitch system. It is primarily used for cleaning and sweeping roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and other paved surfaces. The road sweeper attachment consists of a rotating brush or a set of brushes, a collection hopper, and a hydraulic system that powers the operation.

The 3-point hitch system allows easy attachment and detachment of the road sweeper to the tractor, making it a versatile and convenient tool for road maintenance and cleaning tasks. The attachment connects to the tractor’s hydraulic system, which provides the power needed to rotate the brush(es) and operate other functions.

The rotating brush(es) on the road sweeper are typically made of durable bristles that effectively sweep and collect debris, dirt, leaves, and other loose materials from the surface. The brush(es) can be adjusted to different heights and angles to ensure efficient cleaning and accommodate varying road conditions. Some models may also include a water spray system to dampen the surface, facilitating better dust control during sweeping.

The swept debris is collected in a hopper, which is usually equipped with a hydraulic dumping mechanism for easy disposal. The hopper has a generous capacity to hold a significant amount of debris, reducing the frequency of emptying and increasing productivity.

Tractor-mounted 3-point hitch road sweepers are commonly used by municipalities, road maintenance crews, landscaping companies, and property owners who need to maintain clean and well-kept roadways and paved areas. They are particularly useful for removing dirt, leaves, and other loose materials that can accumulate and pose hazards to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

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