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Double Split Shaft Collar

Double-split shaft collars can be described as a kind of shaft collar comprised of two distinct components. The materials we use for the two-piece shaft collars are stainless steel and black oxide mild steel. We offer both materials in a variety of sizes, up to and including six-inch holes. Two-piece shaft collars can also be ordered with metric or English keyways.

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Double Split Shaft Collars

Double split shaft collars, also known as two-piece split shaft collars, are the most versatile collars among so many types of shaft collars. Attention should be paid to when assembling these two-piece collars so that the two socket head cap screws are seated with the same torque. Both sides should clearly show approximately the same clearance between the two halves (top and bottom). These double-split shaft collars are available in many other variants, including upgraded corrosion-resistant 316-grade stainless steel, nylon and/or Delrin (thermoplastic), galvanized mild steel, and aluminum. In addition, both metric and inch sizes are available.

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Features of Double Split Shaft Collar

A double-split shaft collar provides a tight-fitting, durable, and safe fit on a shaft. This collar does not damage the shaft, and is easily adjustable with the help of set screws. Unlike other shaft collars, this collar can be easily installed without disassembling the shaft or removing any other components. Double split collars are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Same as single split shaft collars, double split shaft collars are generally made of stainless steel. They are very cost-effective and provide a secure hold on the shaft. They can be installed either radially or axially, and they are suitable for rotating assemblies. Double split shaft collars are available with internal diameters ranging from six to 30 mm. Their price may vary due to fluctuations in raw material prices in the world market.

Double split shaft collars are two-piece collars that are clamped onto a shaft and secured by machine screws. These collars can be found in gearbox assemblies, drive shafts, and agricultural implements. They are incredibly versatile, and the two-piece design makes them ideal for a variety of applications. In addition to being easy to install, double split shaft collars also provide a strong hold, and are designed to reduce downtime.

Two Piece Split Shaft Collar