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Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft PTO Shafts

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Machinery

Power-take-off shafts (PTOs) were developed to provide farming implement manufacturers and tractor manufacturers with a common method of powering implements. As the name implies, these shafts are designed to take power away from the engine, through the transmission.

Most often found in farming equipment, PTO shafts provide power for attached farming implements, which are basically anything a farming tractor pushes or pulls. This includes rotary tillers, finish mowers, sickle mowers, hay tedders, post hole diggers, fertilizer spreaders, and the ever popular manure spreaders. PTOs can also be used to power electrical generators, which are attached in the same way as regular farming implements. A big tractor parked in the lot of one of the grocery stores I deliver ice to used a PTO shaft to power a salt spreader, attached to the rear of the tractor; PTO shafts in tractors can be found in front or rear mounted applications, however. Another notable point is that live or continuous PTOs do exist, which provide power to the attached implement, even without the tractor being in motion. This is generally accomplished by using a separate transmission for the PTO and the tractor.

Rotational speeds of farming PTOs are 540 rpm or 1,000 rpm.

PTOs are also used in aircraft, most notably in Lockheed Martin’s “new” F-22 Raptor Tactical Jet Fighter Aircraft, which utilizes stealth technology. Here they’re used to take power from the engines to produce electricity, which in turn provides power to many in-flight electrical systems. The unit also serves as a measurement for aircraft horsepower. Currently, it is used in only the left engine of the aircraft, as a failure of the PTO shaft would result in lost power to many required flight systems, which in turn produces a fiery explosion and a blackened patch of earth.

Rotational speeds for this unit are around the 18,000 rpm mark, considerably higher than those found on John Deere’s tractor.

Medium to heavy-duty single and multi-axle trucks also use PTO shafts. Applications here include powered winches (no, not wenches), salt spreaders, and small dumpers. Most likely the man who came to tow your car away used a PTO shaft to assist in towing your vehicle. Other specialized applications include providing power to the hydraulic systems of “snubbing trucks,” which pressurize and cap oil wells, in concrete pumping trucks, and by the telephone company to string wire. Construction companies may use PTO shaft powered air compressors, to provide a reliable, transportable supply of compressed air to the job site, and your local fire company probably uses PTO shaft power to pump the water they use as their weapon.

Rotational speeds for these types of PTO shaft applications vary, due to the variety of uses available, and to the fact that many of them are controlled by pneumatic or manual gear shifters, which allow the operator to control the speed and torque provided to the PTO implement.

PTO shafts are moving parts, and need to be treated cautiously. Since they do provide a lot of power, they can and will rip or crush anything that tries to mess with them. Guards and shields have been manufactured to reduce the likelihood of serious or often fatal injuries, but care still needs to be taken whenever one is using PTO powered equipment.

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft Structure


pto shafts dimensions

Product # in picture Description
1 Spring tension pin for OT
2 Inner yoke for outer tube
3 Outer tube specify length
4 Inner tube specify length
5 Spring tension pin for IT
6 Inner yoke for inner tube
7 Cross
8 Push pin set
9 Outer yoke with quick coupler


pto shafts dimensions

Product # in picture Description
1 Spring tension pin for OT
2 Inner yoke for outer tube
3 Outer tube specify length
4 Inner tube specify length
5 Spring tension pin for IT
6 Inner yoke for inner tube
7 Cross
8 Push pin set
9 Outer yoke with quick coupler


Horizontal Shaft

Using the diagram, you will notice that there are three measurements that you will need to take for horizontal shaft engines, which are:

A.) Diameter
B.) Length
C.) Crankshaft Height
While the diameter measurement is obvious, be aware that you should take the length measurement from the oil seal out to the end of the crankshaft. Also, don’t overlook the importance of the crankshaft height (measurement C) as this distance will vary depending on engine model and brand. Depending on the application, this can be a critical measurement!
Horizontal Shaft

Note – The crankshaft height measurements are not included in the database so be sure to consult our line drawing section and make comparisons with your old engine.

Gear Reduction

As the name implies, gear reduction systems are used to reduce the output speed at the PTO while allowing the engine to maintain a sufficient speed that will deliver the power required for the application.
For example, an 8 H.P. engine used on a cement mixer would likely require a constant speed of around 3600 RPM to deliver peak power output. Obviously, the mixer itself cannot run at the same speed to be effective, so a gear reduction system is used to reduce the RPM at the PTO shaft. In this case, a 6:1 reduction system would output around 600 RPM (1/6th the engine speed) which would be in the correct range for the application. The internal gearing of the reduction unit also provides a massive amount of torque (power) that would otherwise be unavailable to the application from the engine alone.

Auxiliary PTO Shafts

Auxiliary PTO shafts can be found on both horizontal and vertical shaft engine models and are used to drive accessories on various types of equipment.
For example, the shaft shown in the image is used on a tiller application for the purpose of driving the reverse portion of the drive system. Depending on the application requirements, these shafts can protrude from the engine case in either a horizontal or vertical arrangement.

You should also be aware that they depending on the application, they will be configured to operate in either clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW) rotation and cannot be interchanged. Shaft diameters and rotation info is included in the database where applicable.

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft 20060814163817859

How Can You Be Safe When Using PTO Shafts?
First, make sure the shaft is shielded. This includes the driveline shield that covers the implement driveline, and the master shield which covers the universal joint and PTO stub shaft on the tractor.
Maintain the shield so it can work for you. PTO driveline shields are usually mounted on bearings, so they need to be maintained. Always REPLACE the shield when it is damaged or missing.
Next, keep a safe distance from it when in use. Keep others away, too. How far? A distance of twice your height is a good start.
Allow only those who absolutely must be in the area to be there. Keep all children away!
Always pay attention to what is happening. Most PTO victims were caught by surprise.
If something goes wrong — stop the machinery; take the PTO out of gear, stop the engine and set the brake. Put the keys in your pocket before working on the machinery.
When stopping the machinery for any reason — end of work, lunch, repairs, or communication — take the PTO out of gear, stop the engine and set the brake.

More Thoughts About PTO Shafts and Shields

The average replacement PTO shield should cost less than $50 according to North Dakota implement dealers, and will take less than two hours to install.
Can you get an ambulance ride to the hospital for less than $50?
How much health/hospitalization insurance can you buy for $50?
Can you buy an artificial arm or leg for $50 or less?
Can you buy a funeral for less than $50?
Can you look at a picture of your wife or family and say that PTO shields are not worth the cost or effort?
A replacement PTO shield is simply the cheapest insurance you can buy. The time spent to install and maintain a PTO shield is clearly the most valuable and productive time you can spend in your life!

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft 20060814161540656

When considering safe operation of mowers and conditioners, pto safety is vital. Always make sure the machine is hooked up correctly. Never attach a 540 rpm mower or conditioner to a 1000 rpm pto tractor. Operating a mower or conditioner at the wrong speed can cause machine failure and possibly injure you. Be extremely careful when working near pto shafts. Make certain that all safety shields are in place before you operate the mower or conditioner, or any other pto-driven machine. Rotating pto shafts that are not properly shielded are potential killers.

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft 20060814161926281

Power Take Off Shafts

There are two options for PTO shafts for TNE series engines:
Direct coupled (long coupled)
Side load (belt coupled)

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft 20060814161934468

Direct Coupled PTO Shafts

To suit all SA engines up 4TNE84T 40mm x 80mm
Pt No. 106700-21500

To suit 4TNE94/98 SA engines 50mm x 130mm
Pt No. TNE-98-PTO

To suit all G1 engines up to 4TNE84T 40mm x 80mm
Pt No. TNE-G1PTOturdy weatherproof cabinet Side Load PTO Kits

To suit all SA engines up to 4TNE84T, SAE #5 bell housing, 7.5 flywheel
Pt No. 119888-89100

It is recommended that Side Load PTO Kits be used in all belt driven applications.

PTO shafts are the connection points for transferring the power from larger tractors to implements. PTO (power take-off) shafts are splined shafts sticking out of the rear of the tractor (compact utility tractors), splined recesses in the rear of the tractor (garden tractors) or splined shafts protruding from some point underneath the tractor. There are industry standards for the speed of these shafts. The recessed PTO on garden tractors turns at 2,000 rpm. It uses the recessed design to prevent connecting an implement designed for the 540 rpm PTO used on compact utility tractors. Midmount PTO shafts (Figure 3) may be specific to a given mower deck, but they should normally have a speed of 540 or 1,000 rpm. Implements connect to the PTO shafts using a drive shaft with two or three universal joints to provide flexibility.

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft 20060814164236234

We are a professional manufacturer of drive shafts and universal joints for farm tractor in China. The shafts we make are six spline, Lemon and threaded hole.

The sizes are 1# shafts, 4#shafts, 6# shafts and 6# shafts with slip clutches:
1) 1# shaft:
a) Length: 27″ – 50″
b) Six spline ends: 1-3/8″
c) Up to 30HP tractors
2) 4# shaft:
a) Length: 29″ – 53″
b) Six spline ends: 1-3/8″
c) Up to 56HP tractors
3) 6# shaft:
a) Length: 36″ – 56″
b) Six spline ends
c) Up to 100HP tractors
4) 6# shaft with slip clutch:
a) Length: 36″ – 56″
b) Six spline, Lemon and keyway threaded hole
c) Up to 160HP tractors at 1,000rpm

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft 20060814165455031

Transmission Shafts

Model No: SHAFT

Sample Request (Y/N): N

Target Markets: Worldwide.
Detail InformationDescription : 1. Gears and shafts for the motorcycle industry.
2. Gears and shafts for the agricultural equipment – industry.
3. Gears and shafts for the heavy equiment – (forklift) industry.
4. Automobile and heavy truck rear – chassis, transmission shift fork and sleeve.
5. Suite tools for all hardwares field.
Specification : Used in automotive, motorcycle, agricultural equipment, and
hardware field. Product categories include spur gear, bevel gear,
helical gear, worm gear, and planet gear, etc. Final polish or gear
surface include hobbing, shaving, grinding and skiving.


pto shaft package


pto shaft protection cover

pto shafts

pto shafts


pto shafts

pto shafts


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Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft cp 8
Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft cp 4
Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft cp 7

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