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SWL series screw jack overview:

1. SWLM (Trapezoid screw)

SWLM (trapezoidal screw) is suitable for low speed and low frequency. Main components: Precision trapezoid screw pair and high precision worm- pair.
Economical: Compact design, easy operation, convenient maintenance.
Low speed, low frequency:Be suitable for heavy load, low speed, low service frequency.
Self-lock: Trapezoid screw has self-lock function, it can hold up load without braking device when screw stops traveling.
Note:Braking device equipped for self-lock will be of malfunction accidentally when large jolt & impact load occur.

2. SWLB (General ball screw)

SWLB (General ball screw) is suitable for high speed, high frequency and excellent performance.Main components: Precision ball screw pair and high precision worm-gears pair.
High efficiency: Rolling friction improve efficiency greatly, only a little drive power can generate great thrust force.
High speed:Rolling friction speed up travel of screw easily.
Lifetime longer: High precision ball screw can make SWLB's lifetime longer by 3 times comparing with SWLM.

Note: Braking devices or motor with braking devices are necessary when choosing SWLB


Ability of load:

Screw Jack Mainly Specification

1. Model: SWL 2.5~120

2. Has self- locking ability: trapezoid screw has  self-lock function, it can hold up load without braking device when screw stops traveling.

3. Can be driven directly by motor or other power or manual.

4. Low speed, low frequency:Be suitable for heavy load, low speed, low service frequency.

5. Has different configuration form and assembly type, and the lifting height can highly customized according  to users' demand.

Arrangement: single units,in pairs or multiple jacks systems,fully synchronization


Type Structural Style Model Output Torque Screw Diameter Max.Power Net Weight(without screw stroke)
(KN) (mm) (KW) (KG)
Worm Screw Jack I Type SWL2.5 25 Tr30X6 0.55 7.3
SWL5 50 Tr40X7 1.1 16.2
SWL10 100 T58X12 2.6 25
SWL15 150 T58X12 2.6 25
SWL20 200 Tr65X12 3.7 36
II Type SWL 250 Tr90X16 4.8 70.5
SWL35 350 Tr100X18 6 87
SWL50 500 Tr120X20 7.5 420
SWL100 1000 Tr160X23 15 1010
SWL120 1200 Tr180X25 17.5 1350

Screw jacks:

  1. Screw Jack with high efficiency
  2. Worm rod and with Synthetic lubricants for life
  3. Housing specially designed for better heat dissipation
  4. Suitable for application at high linear speed and with high duty factor
  5. Self-locked standard structure
  6. High duty cycles
  7. Linear speed up to 40MM/s
    • Linear speed can up to 100mm/s according to request
  8. input speed up to 3000R/min
  9. Load capacity range : from 5KN-200KN

Brief Introduction


Worm gear screw jack is a basis jack-up part, accomplanish the functions such as lifting, drop, push and inverting through  worm gear drives screw.

Application Industry:

WSH series worm gear screw jak is applied to the fields such as Aircraft maintenance platform, machinery, metallurgy, water conservancy, chemical industry, medical treatment, culture and hygienist etc.


Compact configuration, small size, lightweight, convenient installation, flexible operation, high reliability and stability, also has a long service life and more connection form etc.

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Screw Jack: What is it?

A Screw Jack (also called a Jack Screw, Worm Screw Jack, Machine Screw Jack, or Lead Screw Jack) is a device that converts rotational motion into linear motion. It takes advantage of a screw thread's mechanical advantage, allowing it to be used to magnify force.

Types Of Screw Jack:

Machine/worm gear screw jacks, ball screw jacks, and jacks are the three basic types of screw jacks. The way of operation is divided into three subcategories: translating, keyed, and rotating/traveling nut.

Machine/Worm Screw Jacks: There are two integrated lubrication systems in this design, as well as over 140 million standard combinations. At the moment, machine screw capacities range from 10kN to 100kN.

Ball Screw Jack: These machines can be made of ordinary materials or corrosion-resistant materials, such as entire stainless steel jacks. Our technical team can fully customize the ball screw jacks to fit your specific application needs.

Bevel Screw Jack: Housing in the shape of a cube, with one, two, or three shafts. Load capabilities of up to 90kN (about 10 tonnes). High-efficiency, high-speed operation up to 13,500mm/min. Trapezoidal screw, self-locking; ball screw needs deceleration.

Advantages of using Screw Jack offered by HZPT:

  • For loading, lowering, pushing, and dragging applications, transfer torque into linear power.
  • The use of mechanical advantage reduces the amount of energy required to move large loads.
  • Loads are held in place without the need for braking systems in self-locking devices.
  • Get rid of the headaches and messes that come with hydraulic systems and all of their components.
  • In comparison to other linear motion technologies, this technology has the best cost/performance ratio.

Top screw jack suppliers near you:

HZPT takes a hands-on technique to assist you in selecting the appropriate screw jack for your project. Being one of the top screw jack suppliers in China, we promise quality, reliability, performance, and value as a leader in the manufacture of mechanical screw jacks with over two million products in the field.

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