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Splined Hubs & Bushings

Splined hubs and bushings are mechanical components commonly used in power transmission systems and other machinery to transfer torque and rotation. They consist of a hub with a series of teeth or splines on the inside surface and a corresponding bushing with matching teeth or splines on the outside surface.

The splined hub and bushing are designed to fit together precisely, with the teeth or splines meshing tightly to transfer torque from one component to the other. This allows the spline hub and bushing to rotate together, transmitting power from a drive shaft to a driven shaft or other components in the machinery.

Splined hubs and bushings are often used in applications that require high torque and precise alignments, such as automotive transmissions, industrial gearboxes, and agricultural equipment. They are also used in a variety of other applications, including pumps, conveyor systems, and marine propulsion systems.

One advantage of splined hubs and bushings is that they can be quickly and easily installed and removed, allowing for efficient maintenance and repair of machinery. Additionally, because they transmit power through a series of teeth or splines, they provide a more secure and stable connection than other types of couplings, such as keyways or set screws.