Construction Industry Parts

The construction industry is a huge industry, consisting of various types of construction and civil engineering work. The construction industry includes woodworking, road construction, bridge development, and housing design. We can provide accessories for construction machinery, including excavators, cranes, rollers, etc.

Gearboxes for construction machinery

Generally, jump form systems comprise the formwork and working platforms for cleaning/fixing the formwork, steel fixing, and concreting. The formwork supports itself on the concrete cast earlier, so it does not rely on support or access from other building parts or permanent works.

Jump form, here taken to include systems often described as climbing form, is suitable for constructing multi-story, vertical concrete elements in a high-rise structure.

● SWL series screw jack

● Bevel geared motor









Crusher, also known as crusher. It is a crushing machine used in the processing of metal ores and non-metallic ores, which can crush the mined raw ores into small particles through extrusion and bending. Common crushing machinery includes jaw crushers, rotary crushers, cone crushers, roller crushers, hammer crushers,s and impact crushers.













A cement Mixer is a construction machine mainly used to mix cement, sand, dry mortar, and other building materials. The drum is driven by a power mechanism connected with a shaft and a transmission mechanism.

●2810 cement gearbox
●cement gearbox












The ground troweling machine can be widely used for the concrete surface of high-standard factory buildings, warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports, and frame buildings to lift mortar, trowel, and polish. It is the preferred tool in concrete construction.


● 1 m maintenance-free long housing gearbox
● 1 m square case gearbox
● 60-90 aluminum housing gearbox











Excavators can be divided into crawler type, tire type, walking type, full hydraulic, semi hydraulic, full swing, nonfull swing, general purpose, special purpose, articulated, telescopic arm type, and other types according to their structures and uses.

  for excavator

   ● Track Drive

   ● Slew Drive







Hoisting machinery: tower cranes, material handling lift and cranes, mobile cranes, building cranes, truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes

 Gearboxes for Crance

  ●  Slew
  ●  Winch drives
  ●  Track drives










A cement mixer (concrete mixer) is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction; Because of its shape, it is also often called a snail cart. These trucks are equipped with cylindrical mixing cylinders to carry mixed concrete.












The road roller belongs to the category of road equipment in engineering machinery. It is widely used for filling and compaction large-scale engineering projects such as high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, stadiums, and gymnasiums, to make the compacted layer permanently deformed and compacted. Double vibratory roller, tired pneumatic roller, grader, and soil compactor are commonly used.












A Pile driver is critical mechanical equipment that plays a leading role in foundation piling, photovoltaic column piling, guardrail piling, and other construction projects. Pile hammers can be divided into drop hammers, steam hammers, diesel hammers, hydraulic hammers, etc., according to the power source of movement.











A concrete pump is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is composed of a pump body and a delivery pipe. It can be divided into piston type, extrusion type, and water pressure diaphragm type according to the structure. The pump body is mounted on the chassis of the car and then equipped with a telescopic or folding boom to form a pump truck.













 Screw Jack System for Jump Form

Construction Industry Parts ep screw jack manufacturer 3 scaled
Construction Industry Parts ep screw jack manufacturer 2 scaled
Construction Industry Parts ep screw jack manufacturer 1 scaled

Hangzhou Ever-Power Transmission Co., Ltd. is a professional reducer design and production factory. Our company has been operating for many years and can provide customers with spiral elevators, screw elevators, worm gear reducers, secondary enveloping reducers, and other high-quality products. The quality and performance of these products can be guaranteed to users. At the same time, in addition to producing standard models of reducers, we can also provide non-standard customized services.

Jump Form

Generally, form jump systems (including systems commonly referred to as “climbing forms”) include forms and working platforms for cleaning and fixing forms, steel fixing and concrete pouring. Formwork is supported on previously placed concrete and therefore does not rely on support or access from other parts of the building. The jumping formwork system is applicable to the construction of vertical concrete components in high-rise structures, such as core walls, elevator shafts, stairwells and piers. The system is usually modular and can be connected to form long lengths to adapt to different structural geometries.

Self climbing form jumping systems do not require cranes because they climb onto the rails on the building by means of hydraulic jacks or by jacking the platform away from the grooves in the structure. Multiple units can be promoted in one operation. Working platforms, guardrails and ladders are usually built into a complete formwork system, and where necessary, complete wind deflector protection shall be provided.

A screw jack is a mechanical transmission device used to convert rotary motion into linear motion, which is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. They include a worm gearbox mechanism in which the alloy steel worm rotates a high-strength bronze worm gear. The rotation of the worm gear causes linear movement of the lifting screw or the moving nut on the screw. The screw jack can realize the linear motion solution of precise positioning and smooth operation. They can be used for load capacities from 5kN to 2000kN. The linear motion speed and capacity of the lifting screw depend on the worm gear's thread size, pitch, and rotation ratio.

Construction Industry Parts ep Screw jack 1 scaledConstruction Industry Parts ep screw jack 2 scaledConstruction Industry Parts ep screw jack 3 scaled


Related Ancillary Products of Screw Jack System

Trapezoidal Screw Rod

Construction Industry Parts ep Trapezoidal screw rod 1
Construction Industry Parts ep Trapezoidal screw rod 2

Ball Screw Rod

Construction Industry Parts ep ep ball screw 2 scaled
Construction Industry Parts ep ep ball screw 1 scaled

Construction elevator &  Hoist parts

The construction elevator, also known as the construction elevator for building, is a frequently used construction machinery for carrying people and goods. Because of its unique box structure, it is comfortable and safe to ride. The construction elevator is usually used in conjunction with the tower crane on the construction site, with a general load of 1-3 tons and a running speed of 1-63M/min. The structure principle and characteristics of the construction elevator: In order to meet the needs of the construction of inclined buildings such as bridges and chimneys, the construction elevator inclines the guide rail frame according to the shape of the building, while the cage is kept horizontal and runs up and down along the inclined guide rail frame.

Other gearboxes for the construction industry

Construction Industry Parts ep 1.wp gearbox 1

WP worm gearbox

Mining, lifting & transportation, Construction


Construction Industry Parts ep 2.swl gearbox 1

SWL screw jack

Lifting and height position adjustment


Construction Industry Parts ep 3.smr gearbox 1

SMR mounted shaft gearbox

Mining&construction, sand Crushing&Transportation

Construction Industry Parts ep 4.lift gearbox 1

Bevel geared motor

Construction elevator, temporary simple elevator

Construction Industry Parts ep 5.slew gearbox 1

Slew Drive

Tower cranes, excavators, Bucket Wheel Reclaimers, Mines and Minerals, Ship loaders

Construction Industry Parts ep 6.winch gearbox 1

Winch Drive

Furnace door opening, Drilling Rigs, Bucket Wheel Reclaimers, Skip Bucket Conveyor, Material Handling

Construction Industry Parts ep Crane Duty gearbox 1

Grane duty gearbox

Scaffold parts for construction machinery

Construction Industry Parts ep scaffolding scaled 2

Scaffold is a working platform erected to ensure the smooth progress of each construction process. It is divided into external scaffold and internal scaffold according to the erection position; It can be divided into wooden scaffold, bamboo scaffold and steel pipe scaffold according to different materials; It can be divided into pole scaffold, bridge scaffold, portal scaffold, suspended scaffold, hanging scaffold, cantilever scaffold and climbing scaffold according to the structure form.

Construction Industry Parts ep GI Pipe STK400

GI Pipe STK400

Construction Industry Parts ep Fixed Clamp

Fixed Clamp

Construction Industry Parts ep Steel Plank Galvzed

Steel Plank Galvzed

Construction Industry Parts ep Joint Pin

Joint Pin

Construction Industry Parts ep GI Wire BWG20

GI Wire BWG20

Construction Industry Parts ep Bone Joint

Bone Joint

Construction Industry Parts ep GI Wire 14

GI Wire #14

Construction Industry Parts ep Gi Pipe Cap

Gi Pipe Cap

Construction Industry Parts ep Swivel Clamp 2

Swivel Clamp

Construction Industry Parts ep Clamp Cover

Clamp Cover