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Gears and Racks

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Gear and rack is a type of linear actuator, consisting of pinion and rack, employing each other to decipher rotational motion into linear motion.  The compiling follows two mechanisms, in some cases, the pinion acts as a source of power to steer the rack for locomotion, typically the pinion remains stationary and steer the rack with the laden mechanism that needs to be shifted besides, in another case, the rack is fixed inert and the pinion travels the length of the linear gear. The relationship between pinion and rack relies on each other; as rotating the pinion over the rack, causes the rack to navigate linearly. And driving the rack linearly results in rotating the pinion.

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The mechanism requires a strong rack and external spur gear set having accurate tooth pitch and size of the pinion for the maximum force transmission, Anyone considering a rack and spur gear application should purchase both from the same source and we offer the most durable gear and rack for sale at the best price. 

Racks are usually of 6 feet and 12 feet, however, customised one can be of any practical length, within the threshold of machine’s capacity and substances availability. They can be manufactured in diametral pitch, circular pitch, or measured dimension. Speaking of the angles, it can be 14 ½°  or 20° pressure angle regardless of distinguished pressure angles can be engraved with special tooling. For extremely heavy loads or more strength necessities, the pressure angle is carved out to 25°. 

Certainly, the wider the pressure angle, the smoother the rotation will be. 

Racks and pinion can be lamented strength-wise for smoother and better performance. By opting a wider face rack width than standard and pinions possessing a large number of practically possible teeth will result in more engagement between the rack and spur gear, ultimately providing smoother, quieter and better performance.  

In most of the applications, helical gears are preferred due to their quieter performance and greater load-bearing ability.  


  • The combination of the two is often used as a part of a simple linear actuator. 
  • One of the most common uses of the mechanism is found in the steering of cars or other wheeled steered vehicles. 
  • Rack railway uses the rack into the centre of the tracks which allow them to work on a steep gradient. They also help in curtailing the effects of snow on the rails. 

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