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Our oil-free screw adopts advanced technology to provide reliable, efficient, and clean compressed air solutions. It does not require the use of lubricating oil, ensuring the purity of your application environment and final product. Oil free screw air compressors have excellent performance and long-lasting durability, suitable for various application fields such as manufacturing, food and beverage, medical, etc.

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Oil-free Air Compressor

Oil-free Screw Air Compressor

  • 8~12 bar Water-Lubricated Air Compressor
    CM/B Series Fixed Speed Oil-free Screw Air Compressor
    CM/PV Series Variable Speed Oil-free Screw Air Compressor
  • 20-40 bar Oil-free Screw Air Compressor
    CM/GPV Series 20-40bar Variable Frequency Oil-free Screw Air Compressor
    CM/G Series 20-40bar Fixed Frequency Oil free Air Compressor

Micro-oil Air Compressor

  • 8~12 bar Micro-oil Screw Air Compressor
    CMN/A series fixed frequency micro-oil screw air compressor
    CMN/PV series variable frequency micro-oil screw air compressor
  • 20~40 bar Micro-oil Screw Air Compressor
     CMN/G Series Fixed Frequency Micro-oil screw air compressor
    CMN/GPV Series Variable Frequency Micro-oil screw air compressor



Special Process Gas Compressor

Special Process Gas Compressor

CMT series special and process gas compressors

It is applied to the compression of flammable, explosive and corrosive gases, and has a wide working range by using the low temperature characteristics of water lubrication, providing solutions from compressed air to various industrial gases. CMN oil free series covering gasoline gas compressor, nitrogencompressor, marsh gas compressor,carbon dioxide compressorcoal bed gas compressor.



Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor

Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor



Special Process Gas Compressor

Accessories Series

Accessories Series

  • Water filter element: Replace every 1000-2000 hours depending on the environment.

  • Air filter element: Replace every 2000-3000 hours depending on the environment.

  • Oil filter: Generally replace every 2000-3000 hours.

  • Oil-gas separation element: Generally replace every 2000-3000 hours.

World's First Manufacturer of

40 Bar Oil-free Air Compressors

Started in 1960

World's First 4.0Mpa Oil-free

Sold in Over 50 Countries

Plant Area 68000m²

We have a technical cooperation with a professional team of air compressors with a 60 year history. In 2001, we introduced its single screw compression technology and established a research and development center in China. The new factory is located in Taizhou Bay New Area, Zhejiang. The first phase of the factory covers an area of 18000m2, and the second phase covers an area of 50000m2, specializing in the manufacturing, sales, and service of single screw air compressors. We have led the drafting of three national industry standards, JB/T1118822014 General Water Spray Single Screw Air Compressor, JB/T12565-2015 Medium Pressure Single Screw Air Compressor, and Oil Free Vortex Compressor. In 2014, we achieved a pressure of 4.0 MPa using the world's first technology for oil-free screw air compressors. As one of the largest, most modern, and fully equipped production bases for large displacement air compressors in China's single screw oil-free compressor industry, our products include atmospheric oil-free and micro oil screw compressors, medium pressure oil-free and micro oil screw compressors, oil-free vortex compressors, and special process gas compressors. In the face of the future, we will take “zero product defects, zero service distance” as our mission, and make every effort to build a high-quality brand called “Xinmaien”, dedicated to contributing to the revitalization and development of the world compressor industry.

oil free air compressor history

Why Choose Oil-free Air Compressor?

The entire models of Our water lubricated series have owned Germany TUV oil-freecertification , with Oil content Class 0 accoding to ls08573-1 ( 2010 )

oil-free air compressor iso

√ No oil pollution

Oil free air compressors do not require the use of lubricating oil, therefore they will not produce oil pollution. This is particularly suitable for applications such as food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, and chip manufacturing

√ Avoid oil and gas mixing problems

Due to the fact that oil-free air compressors do not use lubricating oil, the problem of oil and gas mixing can be avoided, ensuring the provision of dry and clean compressed air.

√ Reduce maintenance costs

No need to replace oil filters, oil gas separation cores, and air compressor oil, reducing maintenance costs and workload

√ No post-treatment required

Using oil-free air compressors can reduce the burden on post-treatment equipment and reduce maintenance costs. More importantly, no oil removal filter can completely filter out residual oil in compressed air.

Single Screw Compression Technology

The compression host consists of one screw and two star wheels, with a total of 12 compression chambers. The host rotates once to achieve twelve compressions, resulting in higher efficiency. Meanwhile, the single screw compression structure is considered to have a more ideal stress situation, with the screw being able to withstand higher pressure and having a longer lifespan.

In a single screw air compressor, the star wheel plate is an important component used to form a seal between the screw and the fixed object to complete the air compression process. Due to the contact and friction between the star wheel and the screw, wear may occur during use.
Through years of accumulated experience, we use aviation grade materials combined with confidential configurations to create unique material star wheel discs, truly solving the problem of star wheel disc wear.

oil free air compressor screw

Key Component Display

oil free air compressor

① Permanent magnet motor

CMN customized high-quality motor, using rare earth permanent magnet materials, protection grade IP54 insulation grade F built-in SKF bearings, the efficiency is 3%-5% higher than standard motor,and it can quarantee 7*24 hours of non-stop operation.

② Logic programming computer control system

Adopts advanced control .fault monitorina and early warning functions,friendly human-machine interface which can display all operating information of the entire unit.Using French Schneider Electric control system.the microcomputer controls the drive motor and adjuststhe pressure Within a narrow pressure band to maximize the efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

③ High-efficiency airintake valve

The self-patented high-efficiency air intake valve adopts a patented integrated lowest point air intake mode which can effectively improve compression efficiency. reduce noise during suction, and extend the service life of the air filter, The unique openable modular box structure improves maintenance convenience.

④ Water and air separation barrel

Made entirely of stainless steel, no internal chips fall off. The special internal stream line design allows the air flow rate toinstantly reach 10m/s. The design ensures the complete separation of moisture inside. The moisture settles to the bottom ofthe water and air barrel, and the compressed air is discharged from the exhaust port through the minimum pressure valve.

⑤ Stainless steel air end

A fully stainless steel made oil-free air end independently developed and manufactured by us with patent number ZL201110000872.4. The airend has ultra high volumetric efficiency, and a patented no shaft sealing design, with a designed service life of more than 25 years.

⑥ Lubricating waterfiltration system

The shell is made of stainless steel and equip with our original filter element.With high-precision glass fiber cotton multi-layer design,the filtration accuracy reaches 0.1um. Filtered lubricating water can extend the service life of the air end.

⑦ Water cooler

Using a high-performance plate heat exchanger with a multi-process cooling structure design,the cooling area is increased several times and the unit cooling effect is better,ensuring that the air compressor outlet temperature does not exceed 55°C

Total Cost of Ownership

COST of air compressor

Regular models

  • 80% power loss
  • 10% purchase cost
  • 10% maintenance

If using a variable frequency machine model

  • 45% power loss
  • 10% purchase cost
  • 10% maintenance
  • 35% electricity cost savings


Screw VS Piston Air Compressor

Applications of Air Compressor

Bottle Blowing

Insert the preformed plug into the heated blow molding machine and inject compressed air to “blow” the preform into a bottle. We tailor screw air compressors with pressures up to 4.0Mpa for the bottle blowing industry.


Oil free compressed air is crucial for the production of capsules, small capsules, and tablets in pharmaceutical applications. From mixing, hardening, and granulation to drying, pressing, coating, and packaging, compressed air comes into contact with drugs at almost every step of the production process.


The oil-free air compressor in the operating room is most commonly used to transport medical gases for anesthesia. In the operating room, medical compressed air keeps patients breathing and comfortable, and also improves the functionality of handheld medical devices. The gas in hospitals can directly come into contact with the patient's body, and even affect their life safety.

Food and beverage

Oil free air is crucial for food and beverage applications. In the food and beverage industry, compressed air can be used for various purposes, such as conveying/transporting products, blowing bottles/containers, automation, fermentation, and pneumatic tools.

Chemical industry

Air compressors maintain high pressure for gases, enabling safe transportation and storage, making them an important tool for transporting chemicals in industrial environments. Compressed air is used to reduce gas volume, facilitate storage and processing during the inflation process, and accelerate the drying process.

Spin and Weave

Screw compressors have been widely used in the textile industry due to their optimized production process. A screw air compressor helps to transfer yarn to a tube or tube for dyeing and other purposes.

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