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1215 Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bushing

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1215 Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bushing

Stainless Steel Tapered Locking Bushings are a great choice for any food processing environment. These tapered lock bushings are split flangeless and are used to mount pulleys on shafts. The screws used to mount them provide excellent clamping force. Therefore, they are often used in food processing environments. This article will discuss some of the benefits of this casing.
Stainless steel tapered locking bushings are an excellent choice for many industrial applications. These keyless locking devices are easy to install and maintain. These stainless steel tapered lock bushings can be installed on both axial and radial sides of the shaft. Because they have standardized shapes, you can choose the right shape for your needs without the need for a key. They will lock securely and hold a tight grip in extreme temperatures.
One of the advantages of stainless steel tapered lock bushings is that they help keep the sprocket hub narrow, reducing its overall length. They also help avoid overhang loads by reducing the via length dimension. Their tapered design provides a true clamping fit, equivalent to a shrink fit. Its tapered design makes it easy to install and fits most standard shafts.

Dimensions of 1215 stainless steel taper lock bushing

stainless steel taper lock bushing

  • Bushing Size: SS-1215
  • Bore Size: 1"、1-1/16"、1-1/8"、1/2"、9/16"、5/8"、11/16"、13/16‘、3/4"、7/8"、15/16"、10mm、11mm、12mm、14mm、16mm、18mm、19mm、20mm、22mm、24mm、25mm、28mm
  • Dimension (A): 1-7/8"
  • Dimension (B): 1-1/2"
  • Dimension (D): 1-3/4"
  • Bushing Weight: .7 LBS

If you are in the market for tapered locking bushing, you may be wondering what the difference is between standard cast iron and stainless steel. The two types are essentially the same, but they are used for different applications. Standard cone locks are made of cast iron, while stainless steel cone locks can be made of any metal. No matter where you use it, this versatile sleeve can meet the needs of the food processing industry.
American Roller Chain offers stainless steel taper lock hubs and bushings for a variety of industrial uses. These bushings are made of stainless steel and feature detailed locking sections. Custom specifications are also available according to your needs. These bushings are precise, durable, and lock tightly even in extreme temperatures. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for many different types of applications.

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