Worm Gearbox-Replacement of Winsmith MDSA E35 Worm Stainless Steel Gear Speed Reducer

Our stainless steel Worm Gearbox is a replacement spare part for Winsmith MDSA E35 Worm Stainless Steel Gear Speed Reducer. It is designed for frequent and harsh washing conditions and features an anti-rust, anti-pollution, and anti-bacterial design. Our products only serve as replacement parts, and if you need to purchase original factory parts, please contact the supplier directly.

Structure of Worm Gearbox

The Worm Gearbox consists of a worm shaft, a worm wheel, bearings, a shell, and a lubricant. The worm gear design features a compact structure, high transmission ratio, and smooth transmission performance. The following image shows the structure of our Worm Gearbox:

Structure of Worm Gearbox

Features of Worm Gearbox

  • Resistant to pollution
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Designed for frequent and harsh washing conditions
  • Matte surface treatment for better heat dissipation
  • Anti-rust and anti-pollution design, inhibits bacterial growth
  • Multiple product configurations available

The following image shows our product's resistance to pollution, which is an essential feature for harsh environments:

Pollution Resistant Worm Gearbox

Applications of Worm Gearbox

  • Food industry equipment
  • Car washing industry
  • Packaging industry equipment
  • Transmission industry equipment
  • Automation industry equipment
  • Solar energy equipment

Our Worm Gearbox's anti-corrosive design and high-quality stainless steel make it ideal for use in harsh environments, such as the ones mentioned above. Our product can withstand frequent washing, high humidity, and high temperatures, all while maintaining its high-performance level.

Working Principle of Worm Gearbox

Worm Gearbox operates on the principle of a screw turning a wheel. The worm wheel is rotated by the worm shaft, and the power is transmitted through the friction between the worm wheel and the shaft. The following image shows a Worm Gearmotor:

Working Principle of Worm Gearmotor

Motors for Worm Gear Reducers

Worm Gear Reducers and Motors are complementary to each other, and we provide matching electric motors for our Worm Gearboxes. The following image shows some of the motors we offer:

Electric Motors for Worm Gear Reducers

Winsmith Worm Speed Reducer Replacement

Our company provides high-quality Winsmith Worm Speed Reducer Replacement parts at affordable prices. Our products are replacement parts and not original factory parts. If you need original factory parts, please contact the supplier directly. We welcome customers to provide us with drawings or samples for customized production. The following image shows our product:

Winsmith Worm Speed Reducer Replacement

Choosing the Right Worm Gearmotor

When choosing a Worm Gearmotor, you should consider the following aspects:

  • The required transmission ratio
  • The input and output shaft arrangement
  • The required torque and power
  • The operating environment and conditions

By considering these aspects, you can select the most suitable Worm Gearmotor for your application.


Q: Is your Worm Gearbox compatible with other brands' motors?

A: Our Worm Gearbox is compatible with most motors. However, you should consider the input and output shaft arrangements and the required torque and power of the motor before making a purchase.

Q: What is the maximum transmission ratio of your Worm Gearbox?

A: Our Worm Gearbox's maximum transmission ratio is 300:1.

Q: What is the warranty period for your Worm Gearbox?

A: Our Worm Gearbox comes with a one-year warranty period. During this time, we will replace any defective parts free of charge.

About Us

We are a comprehensive transmission equipment manufacturer that specializes in research and development, manufacturing, and sales of speed reducers. With over 15 years of experience in designing, producing, and selling gearboxes, we serve customers in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and other regions, earning a good reputation in the market. Over the years, we have introduced advanced production equipment and testing equipment from home and abroad and employed industry professionals and technicians to carry out innovative research and development and manufacturing. We use standardized production management methods to strictly control every aspect of the production of reducers, providing customers with high-quality, high-energy-efficient, and high-stability production. Our products are widely used in various industries, such as the equipment industry, food industry, car washing industry, packaging industry, transmission industry, automation industry, and solar energy industry. Please explore our products and feel free to contact us for more information or to make a purchase. The following image shows our Worm Gearbox Factory:

Worm Gearbox Factory

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