Cement Mixer 2810 Gearbox Reducer for Concrete Mixer Innovative Drive System (ZL-2810)

Innovative Drive System 2810 Gearbox Reducer for Cement Mixer is an advanced transmission device specifically designed for use in concrete mixing equipment. This type of gearbox is one of the core components of the entire power transmission system of the mixer. Its main function is to convert high-speed rotational energy from the electric motor or internal combustion engine into low-speed but higher torque output, effectively driving the mixing drum to rotate, ensuring that the concrete raw materials are fully mixed.

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Where is the 2810 Gearbox installed in the Cement Mixer?

Innovative Drive System Gearbox Reducer for Cement Mixer is an advanced transmission device specifically designed for use in concrete mixing equipment. This type of gearbox is one of the core components of the entire power transmission system of the mixer. Its main function is to convert high-speed rotational energy from the electric motor or internal combustion engine into low-speed but higher torque output, effectively driving the mixing drum to rotate, ensuring that the concrete raw materials are fully mixed.cement mixer gearbox

In Cement Mixers, Innovative Drive System Gearbox reducers are typically located at the bottom or side of the mixer, directly connected to the mixing drum. The specific location depends on the design type and structural layout of the mixer. For example, in a self falling mixer, the gearbox may be directly connected to the drive shaft of the mixing drum; In a forced mixer, it may be connected to the driving device of the mixing blade through transmission mechanisms such as chains and belts.

Structure Diagram of 2810 Gearbox

cement mixer gearbox

1. Input shaft 2. Oil seal 3. Deep groove ball bearing 4. Door cover 5. Deep groove ball bearing 6. Hexagonal head bolt 7. Flat key 8. Worm gear 9. Oil plug screw 10. Box 11. Flat key 12. Bevel gear 13. Circlip 14. Shim 15. Worm 16. Deep groove ball bearing 17. Circlip 18. Oil seal 19. Spline shaft 20. Oil seal 21. Retaining ring 22. Door cover 23. Spline sleeve


1. All parts must be cleaned before assembly.
2. During assembly, the bearing must be tightly against the shoulder of the shaft
3. Use WA460 lubricating oil or select the corresponding oil according to the ambient temperature.
4. Conduct a no-load test, and the operation should be flexible and free. After running for 1 hour, the temperature rise should be ≤ 45 ℃

How does the gearbox work in concrete mixer?

Gearbox reducer utilizes the principle of gear meshing to achieve the conversion of speed and torque. The small gear on the input shaft drives the meshing large gear to rotate. Due to the larger diameter of the large gear, the speed is lower but the torque generated is greater. This design ensures that the mixing drum rotates steadily at a speed suitable for concrete mixing operations, while providing sufficient force to overcome material resistance, ensuring efficient and uniform mixing of concrete raw materials such as cement, sand, and water. In addition, high-quality innovative drive systems may also have characteristics such as good durability, easy maintenance, and higher energy efficiency.

cement mixer gearbox

the gearbox in a concrete mixer works by converting the high-speed rotational motion from an engine or electric motor into slower, more powerful torque that is necessary to rotate the mixing drum effectively. Here's how it operates:

  1. Input Shaft: The input shaft of the gearbox connects to the power source, which can be a diesel engine or an electric motor. This shaft rotates at high speed.
  2. Gear Ratios: Inside the gearbox, there are gears with different sizes meshed together. The gear ratio determines the output speed and torque. Typically, the input gear (connected to the input shaft) is smaller than the output gear (connected to the drum).
  3. Torque Conversion: When the input shaft turns, it causes the smaller gear to turn. Since the larger output gear is connected to the smaller one, it also turns but at a slower rate due to the difference in the number of teeth between the two gears. This reduction in speed increases the torque available to turn the heavy concrete mixer drum.

  4. Output Shaft: The output shaft of the gearbox is connected to the large output gear and subsequently to the drum drive mechanism. It delivers the reduced speed, high-torque rotation to the drum, enabling it to mix the cement, aggregates, and water thoroughly without stalling under the load.
  5. Control and Efficiency: Modern innovative drive systems may include advanced features such as variable speed control for adapting to different mixing requirements, better heat dissipation mechanisms to ensure durability and efficiency, and robust construction to withstand the harsh working conditions in concrete mixing operations.

Overall, the gearbox plays a critical role in ensuring that the concrete mixer operates efficiently, providing the necessary force to mix concrete ingredients while maintaining optimal RPMs that prevent overloading or underperformance of the machine components.

Cement Mixer Gearbox Manufacturer

Cement Mixer Gearbox for Concrete Drum Mixers (ZL-2810)

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  • cement mixer gearbox
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Other Gearboxes for Mixer

The application of mixers is very extensive, in addition to common fields such as concrete mixing and feed mixing, there are many other occasions that require the use of mixers. Mixers are widely and crucially used in various industries and occasions, and the gearbox, as the core component of the mixer transmission system, plays a crucial role in it. Whether it is in food processing, chemical pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering, agriculture and horticulture, laboratory research, plastic rubber production, ceramic refractory material manufacturing, or the energy industry, mixers used in various fields cannot do without the participation of gearboxes. The following are some typical application scenarios:

  • Food processing industry: such as dough mixer used for bread and pastry making; Mix and stir jam, seasoning, ice cream, and beverages; And the pickling and stirring of meat products.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries: used for the mixing, dissolution, emulsification and other processes of raw materials in the production process, such as the manufacturing of coatings, adhesives, pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetics and other products.
  • Environmental engineering: flocculant addition and mixing in sewage treatment, solid-liquid mixing equipment in sludge treatment, etc.
  • Agriculture and horticulture: mixing of fertilizers and soil amendments, uniform mixing of seeds and pesticides in seed coating operations, etc. There is also a typical feed mixer gearbox
  • Laboratory research: Mixing and stirring of various experimental reagents, especially widely used in chemical reactions and biotechnology experiments.
  • Plastic and rubber industry: mixing raw material particles, additives, and color masterbatch to ensure uniform color and stable performance of finished products.
  • Ceramic and refractory materials industry: The mixing of mud, glaze, and other materials is uniform to ensure product quality and sintering effect.
  • Energy industry: In the process of biomass fuel processing, such as the mixing and stirring of wood fibers in the production of wood particles.


Cement Mixer Gearbox for Concrete Drum Mixers (ZL-2810)

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