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Hy-Vo Inverted Tooth Chains HV6 HV8

The HY-VO chain, also called the Silent Chain, is a patented design that employs an inverted-tooth chain. Designed for quiet operation, this chain uses a high-efficiency rocker joint. It is also more durable than standard chain assemblies and offers increased wear performance. Hy-Vo Inverted tooth chains are silent and feature a wide range of drive ratios. They are also more cost-efficient than conventional two-mesh gear systems.

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Hy-Vo Inverted Tooth Chains HV6 HV8

Ever power manufactures a variety of HY-VO Inverted tooth chains and has a wealth of experience in the chain drive industry. These chains are designed with inverted tooth link plates to minimize noise and vibration, while maximizing load bearing surface in each link. Additionally, they are shot peened to improve fatigue strength. Hy-Vo Inverted tooth chains are a great choice for a wide range of applications. Hy-Vo chains are also popular in motorcycles. They provide smooth operation, even at high rpm. They also have reduced chordal action, which means they can better survive tight wraps around the crankshaft. In addition, they are better suited for high-performance driving.

Hy-Vo Inverted Tooth Chains

Specifications of Hy-Vo Inverted Tooth Chains HV6 HV8

HY-VO Chain is a unique type of Silent Chain. HY-VO stands for High Capacity, High Velocity, and Involute Tooth, and it is a registered trademark of Borg-Warner Automotive, Inc. Ever power can also provide this kind of drive chain.
In Silent Chain, the pin and the plate rotate against each other. In HY-VO Chains, the pin is comprised of two pieces that have rotational contact. Due to the rotational contact of the pins, the wear life of the chain is increased. Also in HY-VO Chains, the contact point between the pins moves up when the chain engages the sprocket. This construction decreases chordal action, vibration, and noise.

Hy-Vo Inverted Tooth Chains

Chain No. Pitch Chain width Pin length Distance from hole center to tooth Plate depth Plate thickness Guide type Number of  plates Ultimate tensile strength Average tensile strength Weight per meter
P b
h1 h2
T   n Q
Q0 q
mm mm mm mm mm mm     kN/lbf kN kg/m
HV6 19.05 73.5 81.3 10.50 20.90 2.0 Outside 17×18 174 / 39100 200 7.4
HV8 25.40 48.5 56.9 14.06 27.74 3.0 Outside 7×8 187 / 42022 200 7.0


Problems With Hy-Vo Inverted Tooth Chains and Sprockets

Hy-Vo Inverted tooth chains and sprockets are a popular choice for many applications. They are able to handle a wide range of torques, including high and low speeds. Hy-Vo chains are designed to withstand these higher speeds and have low-wearing parts.

Hy-Vo chains have two major benefits over traditional chain designs. The first is that they are made to function smoothly at high rpms. Because of this, the Hy-Vo chain is usually chosen for applications that require high rpm. The second advantage is that the Hy-Vo chain has a lower chordal action, meaning it will survive a tight wrap around the crankshaft.

Although the Hy-Vo chain drive is supposedly "damp" (damping is energy dissipation), it is not immune to torsional excitation. Hy-Vo's claim ignores a more serious problem that is far more likely to cause serious injury. For example, if your engine is pulsing, the pulsing forces can cause destructive vibrations in your gears and propeller blades. Furthermore, a Hy-Vo PSRU drive's "damping" is only exacerbated by chain wear.


Hy-Vo Inverted Tooth Chains

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