Metal Pinion Gear Steel Pinion for Sliding Gate Motor

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Steel Pinion for Sliding Gate
Module M4,
Material: A3 steel

Dimension of Steel Pinion

Metal Pinion Gear

The metal pinion is the smallest gear in the motor. It is used in gearboxes such as Tamiya Clod Buster or other custom trucks. Gears of this type are heat treated to change the properties of the metal from martensite to ferrite and bainite. The process requires precise temperature and time control to produce metals with balanced mechanical properties.
There are many different types of pinions. The smallest is the pinion, which handles the most negligible torque. This gear is usually mounted on the shaft and transmits power to the output gear. Gears have teeth on one or both sides and are shaped to minimize wear and vibration and maximize power transmission efficiency. Gears of different sizes are often used in pairs for mechanical advantage. This means that larger gears produce less torque at lower speeds while smaller gears produce more torque at higher speeds.
Another everyday use for metal pinions is steering systems. The rack moves left or right when a person turns the steering wheel. The rack then moves the wheels of the vehicle.

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