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Planetary Mixer Gearbox

When looking for a planetary mixer, you’ll likely find a variety of options. Planetary mixer gearbox is a vital component. Regardless of the model you choose, you can expect your planetary mixer to function properly and efficiently for years to come with a good planetary mixer gearbox.

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Involute Planetary Mixer Gearbox

Involute planetary mixer gearboxes are made of high-quality steel and are known for their strength and robust design. They can be made in two versions: one with a solid output shaft and the other with a hollow one. The two-disc gears are widely used in various industrial applications, such as in the construction industry.

Compared to fixed-axis gear systems, this type of gear arrangement has several advantages. Its compact size and increased torque transmission make it an excellent choice for various applications, including the beverage industry. The gear arrangement is also beneficial in terms of stability and rotational stiffness. The planetary mixer gearbox has multiple advantages over fixed-axis gear systems. They help reduce energy losses by converting it to torque efficiently.

Cheap Planetary Mixer Gearbox

ITEM no. Ratio Power KW Output Torque (Nm) Input speed(r.p.m) weigh(Kg)
E1 14.60 61.97 16000 540 256
E2 18.20 46.61 15000 540 256
E3 28.27 59.27 16000 1000 290
E4 16.13 55.04 15700 540 256
E5 18.20 41.95 13500 540 256
E6 21.10 32.16 12010 540 256
E7 13.40 76.05 18020 540 280
E8 28.27 61.12 16500 1000 330
E9 25.89 72.89 18020 1000 290
E10 13.40 67.52 16000 540 256
E11 25.89 34.95 16000 540 290
E12 13.40 67.52 16000 540 256
E13 18.20 41.95 13500 540 256
E14 21.10 32.16 12000 540 256
E15 25.80 73.14 18020 1000 290
E16 13.38 76.16 18020 540 256

Variations of Planetary Mixer Gearbox

Variations of planetary mixer gearboxes can be grouped according to the reduction ratio. For example, a gearbox with a ratio of 3:1 will have an output speed of 100 RPM. As the number of teeth increases, the output torque also increases inversely or proportionally. The planetary system has a stationary component that acts as the limiting force of torque. Therefore, there are many variations of planetary mixer gearboxes available.

Benefits of Planetary Mixer Gearbox

The planetary mixer gearbox has a number of benefits over traditional fixed axis designs. The compact size allows for less overall loss of effectiveness. The gear arrangement also reduces energy lost as heat. It increases torque capacity and density due to better load distribution. It also enhances rotational stiffness and stability. Among the advantages of planetary mixer gearboxes, this gearbox configuration offers high torque density. Its compact design reduces noise and allows for a wider range of applications.

Planetary Mixer Gearbox

Application of Planetary Mixer Gearbox

A planetary mixer gearbox is a common agricultural and industrial equipment. The planetary gears work by rotating the motor around the worm gear or planetary shaft. Usually, gears are lubricated with oil, but if you use it on a smaller scale, you can also use grease. Remember to lubricate regularly and use the appropriate lubricant.

Planetary Gearbox for Concrete Mixer

Planetary Gearbox for Concrete MixerChoosing a planetary gearbox for your concrete mixer may be an important decision. This type of transmission provides excellent torque transmission and ensures optimal load distribution. They have horizontal and vertical versions. Twin shaft concrete mixers are also very popular. They are capable of mixing all types of concrete, including dry hard concrete and precast concrete. They can also be used to mix fiber concrete in the glass industry. EP planetary mixer sweeps the floor every four revolutions and covers each mixing area regularly. It features a key operated safety switch and a spacious access facility for easy mixing.

These transmissions have a dual function. In addition to transmitting motion to the rollers, they also carry the weight of the front. They simplify the construction and maintenance of concrete mixers. These gearboxes are available in several different sizes for truck mixers with capacities ranging from 1 m3 to 13 m3. They are also suitable for small concrete mixers at construction sites and road trucks.


Feed Mixer Planetary Gearbox

Feed Mixer Planetary GearboxFeed mixer planetary gearbox is a popular tool for cattle farms. The equipment is designed to help mix feed in an efficient and quiet manner. Its planetary gear design allows more power to be generated in a smaller space. The unit is open to after-sales market upgrades and customization. There are many different types of feed mixer planetary gearboxes available. The planetary mixer has a low profile, short loading height and durable modular design. In addition, the maintenance cost of the planetary gearbox is low. Its heavy tubular frame makes it ideal for medium-sized operations.

Proper Lubrication for Planetary Mixer Gearbox

The lubricating oil in a planetary mixer gearbox must be of appropriate viscosity. A high viscosity lubricant will flow too slowly when gear teeth engage, while a low viscosity lubricant will not provide sufficient film thickness to prevent metal-to-metal contact. A general-purpose grease such as TW2 is suitable for lubricating planetary mixer gearboxes.

There are several ways to lubricate planetary gears. Gear oil is a thicker version than hydraulic oil and can be used for lubrication. Hydraulic oil does not hold the gears as tightly and can reduce lubrication effectiveness. Moreover, it can cause overheating, which can reduce the life of the planetary gearbox. For a longer life, it is recommended to use gear oil, as it can help reduce overheating.

Once you have greased the planetary gears, you need to assemble the rest of the components. Ensure that the holes of the planetary and motor shaft are properly aligned before inserting the planetary pin. Using a small screwdriver, align the holes on both planetary and motor shafts. You can check the gears for other signs of wear, such as loosening of the pin.

Planetary Mixer Gearbox

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