Rice Harvester Hoisting Chain

Rice Harvester Hoisting Chain

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Rice Harvester Hoisting Chain

Rice Harvester Hoisting Chain

Chain No. Width between inner plates Pin diameter Pin length Inner
plate th depth
Plate ickness Attachment dimension Ultimate tensile strength
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf
415F1 4.90 3.64 11.0 12.1 12.95 9.5 1.1 4.02 6.86/1559
415F2 4.90 3.64 11.0 12.1 12.95 9.5 1.1 4.02 6.86/1559
415F3 4.90 3.64 11.0 12.1 12.95 9.5 1.1 4.02 6.86/1559
415F4 4.68 3.62 11.8 - - 9.6 1.3 4.00 10.30/2341
415F5 4.68 3.63 11.8 13.0 14.00 9.6 1.3 4.00 10.30/2341
415S 4.80 3.96 12.8 14.3 15.70 12.0 1.5 4.02 15.69/3566
415S-A 4.90 3.96 12.8 14.3 15.70 12.0 1.5 4.02 13.80/3136
415SF1 4.80 3.96 13.0 14.5 - 10.4 1.5 4.50 13.93/3166
415SF4 4.80 3.96 13.0 14.5 15.70 12.0 1.5 4.00 13.80/3136
415SF6 4.80 3.96 13.0 14.5 15.70 10.4 1.5 4.00 13.93/3166
415SF7 4.80 4.00 13.0 14.5 15.70 12.0 1.5 4.50 15.69/3566
420JF1 6.25 3.96 14.7 16.1 18.50 12.0 1.5 4.00 16.00/3636

Rice harvester chains are a specific type of roller chain designed for the demanding environment of rice harvesting equipment. They play a critical role in conveying harvested rice stalks through the combine harvester.

Key features of rice harvester chains:

  • High Strength: These chains need to withstand the significant loads of heavy rice stalks throughout the harvesting process. They are typically manufactured from high-quality steel to ensure durability.
  • Durability: Rice harvester chains must endure harsh conditions, including moisture, dust, and exposure to the elements during field operations. Special coatings or the use of stainless steel enhance their resistance to corrosion.
  • Short Pitch: Similar to SP series agricultural chains, rice harvester chains often have a short pitch for smooth operation and precise movement of the rice stalks through the combine. This is important to avoid damaging the rice grains during harvesting.
  • Self-cleaning properties: Some rice harvester chains incorporate self-cleaning properties to minimize the buildup of rice straw and debris that can impede performance.

There are two main types of rice harvester chains:

  • Clamping transmission chain: This type utilizes specially designed clamping links that hold rice stalks securely during conveyance through the combine.
  • Standard roller chain: While not as common, some rice harvesters may use standard roller chains similar to those found in other agricultural equipment.

When selecting a rice harvester chain, consider these factors:

  • Combine harvester model: Ensure compatibility between the chain and your specific rice harvester model.
  • Chain size and pitch: The chain size (width) and pitch (distance between links) should match the sprockets on your combine harvester.
  • Breaking strength: Choose a chain with a breaking strength exceeding the maximum load it will experience.
  • Self-cleaning features: Consider self-cleaning properties if operating in conditions with a high volume of rice straw.

By selecting the right rice harvester chain, you can ensure efficient and reliable operation of your rice harvesting equipment, contributing to a successful harvest season.

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