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Standard Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains are roller chains with a higher pitch than standard roller chains. These chains are often used in conveying applications and come in many styles. They may have straight or bent side-plates, and many have additional features. Custom designs are also available.

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Standard Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains are roller chains with a higher pitch than standard roller chains. These chains are often used in conveying applications and come in many styles. They may have straight or bent side-plates, and many have additional features. Custom designs are also available.

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains are commonly used in agriculture, construction, and road building equipment. They can also be used in packaging and textile machinery. Since they have twice the pitch of standard chains, they put less strain on the chain. The sprockets in double pitch chains are typically longer than the standard size.

Double Pitch Chains feature a unique base design. The extended pin allows for a greater range of adjustment. Double Pitch Conveyor Chains can use either R or S rollers and are compatible with standard Double Pitch Chains. In addition, these chains have a black oxide coating on the outer link plates, which improves their precision.

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains are used for conveying loads that require a moderate or low speed. These chains are also available with large rollers. They may have rollers of different sizes and may have a large number of links. In addition, double pitch conveyor chains may have large rollers for the conveyed load.

Double Pitch Conveyor Chains are commonly used in many manufacturing processes. The sprockets of double pitch chains must be made with great precision, as they must fit perfectly to ensure accurate positioning.

Double Pitch Conveyor Chain

Specifications of Standard Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

Small Roller Type

Small Roller Type Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

Large Roller Type

Large Roller Type Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

Chain No.
Chain No.
Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Pin diameter Pin length Inner plate depth Plate thickness Ultimate tensile strength Average tensile strength Weight per meter
P d1
Q0 q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf kN kg/m
C208A C208AL C2040 C2042 25.40 7.95


7.85 3.96 16.6 17.8 12.0 1.50 14.1/3205 16.7 0.50


C208AH C2040H 25.40 7.95 7.85 3.96 18.8 19.9 12.0 2.03 14.1/3205 17.2 0.65
C208B C208BL 25.40 8.51


7.75 4.45 16.7 18.2 11.8 1.60 18.0/4091 19.4 0.55


C210A C210AL C2050 C2052 31.75 10.16


9.40 5.08 20.7 22.2 15.0 2.03 22.2/5045 28.1 0.78


C212A C212AL C2060 C2062 38.10 11.91


12.57 5.94 25.9 27.7 18.0 2.42 31.8/7227 36.8 1.12


C212AH C212AHL C2060H C2062H 38.10 11.91


12.57 5.94 29.2 31.6 18.0 3.25 31.8/7227 41.6 1.44


C216A C216AL C2080 C2082 50.80 15.88


15.75 7.92 32.7 36.5 24.0 3.25 56.7/12886 65.7 2.08


C216AH C216AHL C2080H C2082H 50.80 15.88


15.75 7.92 36.2 39.4 24.0 4.00 56.7/12886 70.0 2.54


C220A C220AL C2100 C2102 63.50 19.05


18.90 9.53 40.4 44.7 30.0 4.00 88.5/20114 102.6 3.01


C220AH C220AHL C2100H C2102H 63.50 19.05


18.90 9.53 43.6 46.9 30.0 4.80 88.5/20114 112.4 3.56


C224A C224AL C2120 C2122 76.20 22.23


25.22 11.10 50.3 54.3 35.7 4.80 127.0/28864 147.3 4.66


C224AH C224AHL C2120H C2122H 76.20 22.23


25.22 11.10 53.5 57.5 35.7 5.60 127.0/28864 160.9 5.26


C232A C232AL C2160 C2162 101.60 28.58


31.75 14.27 64.8 69.6 47.8 6.40 226.8/51545 278.9 8.15


C232AH C232AHL C2160H C2162H 101.60 28.58


31.75 14.27 68.2 73.0 47.8 7.20 226.8/51545 285.8 9.06


Sprockets For Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

Sprockets for double pitch conveyor chains are standard issue in many manufacturing operations. These sprockets are designed with a greater number of teeth and provide better wear life than single pitch sprockets. Double pitch sprockets come in a single or double toothed design. Double pitch conveyor chains have a wider chain pitch and are used for applications that require precise positioning.

The sprockets for double pitch conveyor chains are made from flame-cut steel and are precision machined. They are available in two types: A Type and B Type. The B Type is less expensive and uses a single hub, while the C Type has two.

Double pitch roller chains are similar to single pitch chains, except that their link plates are wider than normal. This reduces the weight of the chain, making it suitable for power transmission applications. Double pitch roller chains also include transport rollers which reduce the friction and tensile forces during the transport process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

When selecting a chain for your conveyor system, it is important to know what you're getting. Learn about Hollow-pin, and S-roller chains. Each type of chain has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it is vital to choose the right one for your application. Below is a brief overview of each type. When looking for a double-pitch chain, make sure to compare the following specifications:

Hollow-pin chain

When it comes to conveyor chains, hollow-pin double-pitch options have a few distinct advantages over self-lube and roller chain. This is because the latter type uses rollers and has a much lower maximum allowable load. Moreover, they allow for custom attachments such as cross rods and sprockets to be mounted. In addition, hollow-pin double-pitch options are more versatile than roller chains and are available in stainless steel and carbon steel.

Double-pitch hollow-pin conveyor chains are similar to roller chains, but they come without rollers. Their unique design allows for the insertion of cross rods and other attachments, like mesh nets, in the middle of the chain. These chains fit into standard sprockets and are usually used in tandem with roller chains. Because of their versatility, these chains are commonly used in conveying systems. Because of their low price, they are an excellent investment for any business.

Double-pitch roller chains are the most common type of roller chain in use. They're commonly used in the auto parts, electrical, and precision machinery industries. They have the same basic construction as standard roller chains, but they have flat-shaped link plates and longer attachments. In terms of specification, Double-pitch chains are governed by ANSI B29.4, ISO 1275-A, and JIS B 1803.


Double pitch conveyor chains are made with larger roller diameters than standard chains. Double pitch chains are typically used for agricultural and light-duty conveyor applications. The roller diameter is larger than the chain's side plates to keep the chain in place. Double pitch chains have oversized rollers and are commonly used on conveyors used in cotton fields. They also meet the requirements of the American Standard standards for length and width of plates.

The S-roller is an ideal attachment for short-length conveyors, while the R-roller is made for longer ones. Both have a variety of standard and special attachments. Plus-Alpha series roller chains are made with cottered connecting links. The cotter-shaft connection design prevents excessive wear, while the pre-loaded rollers reduce initial elongation. They are available in sizes from RF2060 to RF2100.

The C2000 series S-roller is an excellent option for double-pitch chain applications. Larger rollers project above and below the link plates, producing a rolling action. Larger rollers minimize friction across the supporting surface. An S-roller requires at least 30 teeth for maximum efficiency. When choosing a double-pitch roller chain, the maximum tension and roller load are considered. If heavy bending or twisting forces are present, large-pitch chains should be used.

Chains and Sprockets

  • Chains and sprockets are mainly used in all applications such as transportation, machinery and other motor applications.
  • Chain and sprockets are maintained with grease and oil spray to provide smoother and better operation.
  • It makes the wheels run as the motor rotates and is considered as Rotation Per Minute (RPM).

Chains and sprockets are mainly used in the transport industry and machine building industry to rotate wheels by means of motors or engines. These chains and sprockets both help the wheelbase to run fast according to the engine speed. The chain hangs between the motor and the sprocket, the motor turns the sprocket and the chain is connected to the sprocket teeth, which can turn simultaneously with the motor wheel, thus making the vehicle or machine run smoothly. HZPT is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can offer various high-quality drive chains and sprockets for sale.

Chains and Sprockets

Packaging of Conveyor Chains

Packaging of Chains

Our chain is most commonly supplied in 10ft boxes, including one connecting link per box, but we can also supply this chain at custom lengths as needed. We also offer a full line of good-quality sprockets for this chain. For pricing and availability, please contact us at any time.

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