Star Yoke for PTO Shaft

Tube yokes connect the steel tube to the implement or tractor. These yokes come in a variety of sizes and profiles to guarantee a proper fit for your driveline.

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Star Yoke for PTO Shaft

Tube yokes connect the steel tube to the implement or tractor. These yokes come in a variety of sizes and profiles to guarantee a proper fit for your driveline.

Details of Star Yoke

Star Yoke for PTO Shaft

1. Forged high-quality alloy steel cross is case hardened to provide good wear resistance and maximum service life. Pre-installed grease fitting in the cross saves time, prevents installation damage, and allows for easy U-Joint maintenance.
2. Forged high-strength steel cups are case hardened for strength and durability. Cup face and outer diameter are precision ground to provide a precise fit, lock up and balance ability.
3. High carbon steel needle bearings are through hardened and precision ground using an optimized crowning profile for maximum life and load-carrying capacity.
4. Seals are made out of high-quality nitrile rubber for optimal grease retention and contaminant exclusion. Multi-lip seal is pliable, yet tough and tear-resistant.
5. All U-Joints are pre-lubricated with a premium, high-temperature grease that performs well in a wide temperature range and provides a long service life.

Code For U-Joint

For example

Triangular End Yoke for PTO Shaft

1. One end yoke

2. The series of cross kit

3. The other end Yoke

End Yoke's Production Workshop

>Forging production lines: 6
>Main equipment:
Double disk friction press:1000t, 630t, 400t, 300t  11 units,
Bar cutting machine: 3 units,
Medium frequency heating furnace: 4 units
Box heating furnace:  4 units
CNC milling machine: 3 units
CNC lathe: 10 units
CNC machining center:  2 units
>Apply industry: auto parts, tractor, tool manufacturing, textile machinery, mining, and other industries
>Main products: Crankshaft, hardware parts, shafts, gears, petroleum machinery parts, connecting rods, high-pressure valve bodies, knuckles, etc.
Triangular End Yoke for PTO Shaft

PTO Shaft for Sale

PTO shafts may be designed to withstand pressure, impact, or tension according to different applications. These PTO shaft parts can be equipped with a shear pin or slip clutch to protect them against common obstacles. There are several different PTO shafts and each type has its unique characteristics.

The PTO shafts are available in two styles, North American and Italian. The latter type utilizes a PTO universal joint to distribute power from the tractor to the attached implements. The two styles are not identical, however, and the differences between them are important. One type of PTO shaft is a non-shear version, which has a yoke-to-yoke arrangement. Non-shear versions are ideal for massive lawn mowers, and non-shear PTO shafts have a yoke-to-yoke arrangement.


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