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Cast iron sprocket


The large sprocket is generally made of cast iron. High speed, heavy load or continuous transmission, low carbon alloy steel surface carburizing quenching or medium carbon alloy steel surface quenching. Cast iron chain wheel not less than ht150 can also be used for low speed, light load and large number of teeth. Cast iron sprockets are mainly used in sprockets with low requirements for high-precision control or complicated shapes, such as ring sprockets.

Cast iron sprockets

Cast iron wheels represent the right solution in case big sprockets are needed. here following the complete range of cast iron wheels divided by different pitch.

  • 3/8×7/16 (ISO 06B-1; 06B-2; 06B-3)
  • 1/2″x5/16 (ISO 08B-1; ISO 08B-2; ISO 08B-3)
  • 5/8×3/8 (ISO 10B-1; 10B-2; 10B-3)
  • 3/4″x7/16 (ISO 12B1; 12B2; 12B-3)
  • 1×17,02 mm (ISO 16B-1; 16B-2; 16B-3)
  • 11/4×3/4 (ISO 20B-1; 20B-2; 20B-3)
  • 11/2×1 (ISO 24B-1; 24B-2; 24B-3)

The type of bushes varies according to the dimension and power transmission of the cast iron wheel and it is included in the following range: 2012, 2517, 2525, 3020, 3030, 3535, 4040, 4545, 5050

Features of our cast iron sprocket

  • Multiple materials available
    It can be customized according to the use demand: carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials.
  • Heat treatment processing
    The sprocket is processed by heat treatment to make it have qualified hardness.
  • The edges and corners are neat and free from burrs
    The chain wheel is machined with a machine tool, with neat edges and no burrs
  • Long service life
    Strict material selection, high hardness, stable operation and long service life
  • Stable operation
    It can withstand fast operation speed and stable operation without jitter.

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Sprocket Materiral

• Cast iron sprocket
Cast iron is the most common and economical material for flat steel belt sprockets, which are precisely cast by high grade iron. Other diameters are available on special orders.
Plastic sprocket
All plastic sprockets are fully machined to meet USDA and FDA food contact guidelines.
-UHMWPE can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Stock sprocket
It is ultra-high molecular weight.
-High temperature UHMWPE can withstand continuous temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
-The strength of nylon chain wheel is 2-3 times that of UHMW, which can withstand higher temperature.
Steel sprocket
-The FL sprocket has no flange and a protruding hub on one side to allow debris to fall through the belt.
-MT sprocket is made of solid steel sheet, or flange is welded on the base
Teeth for belt support. Flangeless and – MT sprocket teeth hardened to Rockwell 50-55
On the C scale. All other steel sprockets can have their teeth hardened as required.
• Stainless steel sprocket
The stainless steel sprocket is made of 18-8 stainless steel investment casting or completely machined from T-303 SS or T-316 SS. Full machined flanged (- FL) or machined tooth (- MT) sprockets made of various stainless steels are also available.

As a professional China sprocket supplier, we can not only provide standard sprockets, but can provide customized services. Please contact us if necessary.