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V-Belt Pulley 1/2" Bore

Check your machine shafts for pulleys that are wearing down right now. You’re bound to find some wear on older or low-quality parts. HZPT fixes this issue by offering 1/2 V-belt pulley parts for your operation. Look for familiar series regarding your pulleys, including AK, 2AK, BK, 2BK, and VP varieties. Our 1/2″-bore pulley utilizes set screws for maximum adjustment on your shafts. Slide on the pulley, tighten it down and get back to work.

Look for a 1/2-inch pulley wheel with either single- or double-band arrangements. Regardless of your design choice, each V-belt pulley 1/2″ bore comes with a balanced shape that wards off noise and vibration at the same time. The tensile strength found within our 1/2-inch pulley stock also gives you versatility in motor horsepower. Our pulleys will serve the machine well as long as the V-belts can take the strain.