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V-Belt Pulley 1" Bore

A hard day’s work can’t be accomplished without the help of mechanical components at your company. Critical parts include the 1-inch-bore pulley on many assembly lines, compressors, and other machines. Work closely with HZPT so that you can benefit from the cast-iron pulleys that are standard at our shop. One of the major perks of our inventory is compatibility with other manufactured parts. Swap out a 1-inch-shaft pulley, and you’ll see a difference in performance. Vibrations may be instantly muted. You’ll notice an uptick in efficiency. A V-belt pulley with a 1-inch bore from HZPT keeps your components running with a smoothness that cannot be duplicated with other materials.

If you were concerned with durability in the past, worry no more – our one-bore pulleys offer corrosion resistance through phosphate coatings. The item is then painted, which gives every 1″-bore V-belt pulley an attractive yet functional feature. From pitch diameter to weight, we can match the right parts to your application so that efficiency reigns throughout your system. Contact us today with any questions.