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V-Belt Pulley 5/8" Bore

Put your machinery back to work with reliable pulleys from HZPT. Many companies rely on the 5/8″ pulley with single- and double-band specifications. Allow our team to find the perfect replacement for your older pulleys. The difference is in our material’s quality. Each 5/8″-bore pulley has a cast-iron body and corrosion resistance. Its balanced construction gives it smooth operation throughout its lifespan. Apply the necessary horsepower to the mechanism, and watch the V-belt pulley 5/8″ bore rotate with slight vibration. While the bore size is the obvious dimension, pay close attention to associated measurements. Pitch, diameter, keyway size, and weight will factor in successfully replacing your older parts.

Our v-belt pulleys are manufactured using high-quality grade-35 cast iron and are phosphate and painted for corrosion resistance. 5/8″ fixed bore v-belt pulleys feature a keyway that is 3/16″ wide and 3/32″ in depth; they also have set screws to ensure a strong hold onto the shaft. The fixed bore pulley type is concealed within AK, 2AK, BK, 2BK, and variable pitch (VP) series pulleys. We also stock a full line of premium v-belts, steel shafting, bearings, motors, gearboxes, and more. Please get in touch with us for more information or a quote on v-belt pulleys 5/8″ bore, and we will be happy to assist you.