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Speed Variators

A variator is a device that can change its parameters, or can change parameters of other devices. Often a variator is a mechanical power transmission device that can change its gear ratio continuously (rather than in steps).

Speed Variators Variators

Variator and speed motorvariator

For power ratings from 0,15 to 9,2 kW.
Silent, vibration-free running.
High efficiency.
Bidirectional rotation.
Control handwhel positional on either side.
Speed repeatability at max: ± 0,5%
Speed repeatability at min: ± 0,1%.
Regulaton sensibility: 0,5 rpm.
Casings (TX): diecast aluminium alloy.
Shafts: case hardened and tempered 20Cr steel after ground >HRC60

Internal components: 100Cr6 heat-treated steel.

All the sizes are painted with Ral 5010 blue epoxy-polyester powder.

TXF Series Planet Cone-disk Stepless Speed Variator

TXF005/071, TXF010/80

UD Series Plant Cone-disk Stepless Speed Variator

UD0.18,UD0.25, UD0.37,UD0.55,UD0.75, UD1.1,UD1.5,UD2.2,UD3,UD4,UD5,UD7.5

Speed Variators Variators 1
Speed Variators Variators 2

UDL Series planetary cone & disk step-less speed variator

Speed Variators 20060925175609390

UDL 型号标记

UDL Model & marker

Speed Variators 20060925175624750

Speed Variators 20060925175636703

UDL 外形尺寸

UDL Dimensions

Speed Variators 20060925175649281