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Bronze Bearing Idler Sprockets

Bronze bearing idler sprockets are extremely durable. Bronze is used because it is self lubricating , economical, and easy to press into sprockets. Our bronze bearing sprockets are manufactured using high-quality bronze with high-strength heat-treated sprockets.

sprocket is categorized as a needle bearing idler sprocket due to the needle bearing that is inserted into the sprocket. Additionally this idler sprocket was engineered to be extremely durable and high performance, along with being manufactured out of a high quality steel and components to create an idler sprocket with great performance and a long working life.

  • Durable & High Performance Sprocket
  • Uses High Quality Needle Bearing
  • Fully Meets All ANSI Standards
  • Has Hardened Teeth


Sprocket Size Number Of Teeth Bearing Type Chain Size Outside Diameter Bore Size Length Thru Bore Dimension (T) Hub Diameter Weight
35BR15 15 Bronze Bearing #35 1.99" 1/2" 0.94" 0.168" 1.35" 0.30 LBS
35BR21 21 Bronze Bearing #35 2.71" 7/8" 1.06" 0.168" 2.00" 0.75 LBS
40BR13 13 Bronze Bearing #40 2.33" 1/2" 0.94" 0.284" 1.56" 0.50 LBS
40BR19 19 Bronze Bearing #40 3.29" 7/8" 1.06" 0.284" 2.50" 1.25 LBS
41BR13 13 Bronze Bearing #41 2.33" 1/2" 0.94" 0.227" 1.56" 0.50 LBS
41BR19 19 Bronze Bearing #41 3.29" 7/8" 1.06" 0.227" 2.50" 1.00 LBS
50BR13 13 Bronze Bearing #50 2.91" 1/2" 0.94" 0.343" 1.87" 0.90 LBS
50BR17 17 Bronze Bearing #50 3.72" 7/8" 1.06" 0.343" 2.62" 1.50 LBS

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