Spacer Couplings-Replacement of Fenaflex Spacer Couplings

Fenaflex Spacer Couplings are highly flexible, non-lubricated couplings that withstand the large number of misalignments found on all aircraft and provide simple installation and inspection without interrupting the drive. The coupling also provides excellent vibration-damping performance while reducing vibration and torsional shock.

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Fenaflex spacer couplings consist of Fenaflex tire couplings (sizes F40-F140) and spacer flange assemblies.
They are designed for our applications where it is advantageous to be able to move either shaft axially without disturbing the drive or the driven machine (e.g. centrifugal pump rotor), Fenaflex spacer couplings are mainly designed for standard distances of 80, 100, 140 and 180 mm between shaft end sizes. The Fenaflex Highly Flexible Spacer Coupling is a highly flexible, resilient spacer coupling that gives designers and engineers a variety of options to suit different applications through the choice of coupling flanges.

Fenaflex Spacer Coupling

Specifications of Fenaflex Spacer Couplings

Features of Fenaflex Spacer Couplings

  • Simple and easy to install. Greater misalignment compatibility with 4 degree angle, parallel 6mm, radial 8mm misalignment
    Internal load carrying wire wound in both directions, reverse drive available
    Tires are available in standard and FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti-Static) construction. ATEX certified. Pump spacer and flywheel mounting options are available
  • Compared with the traditional tire coupling with high elasticity and no lubrication. Fenaflex tire coupling performance is more flexible; not only the components have high elasticity, but they also have excellent vibration damping performance, reducing vibration and torsional vibration.
  • Installation Fenaflex Spacer coupling is more simple and time-saving, coupling appearance is simple, can withstand a large number of misalignments in all planes, and provides simple installation and inspection without damaging the drive. Tire coupling flanges are available with F&H locking ring tapered bushing mounts, or B-type pilot drilled flanges. It can be adapted to any size required.
  • Fenaflex Tire Couplings can add an intermediate device to meet the need for standard spacing between shaft diameters, and DBSE facilitates the maintenance of centrifugal pumps, leaving the motor and machine in place when the tire is replaced.

Fenaflex Spacer Coupling

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