Rigid Couplings

A rigid coupling is referred to as that coupling which is usually used whenever there are two shafts that seem to be perfectly aligned with each other. These couplings are found being suitable in close alignment only. For example muff coupling, Split-muff coupling, and Flange coupling are some of the well-known example of rigid coupling.

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Rigid Couplings

Rigid coupling is a torsionally rigid coupling that does not have any backlash even when it is under load. Even when there is a load due to deviation, the rigid coupling still transmits torque rigidly.

Rigid Coupling

Specifications of Rigid Couplings

China Rigid Coupling China Rigid Coupling
Rigid Coupling Specification


Rigid Couplings Features

  • Lightweight, ultra-low inertia, and high sensitivity
  • Maintenance-free, super oil and corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials
  • Provide fastening bolt type, clip type and separation type
  • Models with different hole sizes at both ends are also available in stock

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rigid Couplings

Advantages of Rigid Couplings

However, due to its simple structure, low cost, and large torque transmission, it is often used when the speed is low, there is no impact, the shaft has high rigidity, and the neutrality is good.
The flange coupling (also known as the flange coupling) is to use bolts to connect two flanges (flanges) disc half couplings, and the two half couplings are respectively connected to the two shafts with keys to realize the two shaft couplings. Joints that transmit torque and motion.
The flange coupling has simple structure, convenient manufacture, low cost, reliable operation, easy assembly, disassembly and maintenance, large transmission torque, and can ensure high alignment accuracy of the two shafts. It is generally used for stable loads, Shaft transmission with high speed or high transmission accuracy requirements.
The flange coupling does not have radial, axial and angular compensation performance. If the alignment accuracy of the connected two shafts cannot be guaranteed during use, the service life, transmission accuracy and transmission efficiency of the coupling will be reduced, and vibration will be caused. and noise.
All the bolts on the flange of the rigid coupling can be used for reaming hole bolts according to the size of the transmitted torque, or half of them can be used for reaming hole bolts, and the other half can be used for ordinary bolts.

Disadvantages of Rigid Couplings

The flange coupling has high requirements on the neutrality of the two shafts. When there is a relative displacement between the two shafts, it will cause additional loads in the machine parts and deteriorate the working conditions. This is its main shortcoming.

China Rigid Couplings China Rigid Couplings


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