Trailer Axles

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Heavy Duty Trailer Axles

air suspension
Air suspension
drop axle series
Drop axle series
disc brake axle series
Disc brake axle series
axle shaft series
Axle shaft series
american axle
American type axle
spoke axle
Spoke axle
Germany type axle
Germany type axle
tandem bogie series
Tandem bogie series
tandem bogie series1
Tandem bogie series
tandem pandel series
Tandem pandel series
self steering axle
Self steering axle

Light Trailer Axle Series

Straight axle with disc brake
Straight axle with disc brake
Straight axle with electric brake
Straight axle with electric brake
Torsion axle without brake
Torsion axle without brake
Torsion axle with disc brake
Torsion axle with disc brake
Torsion axle with machanical brake
Torsion axle with machanical brake

Agricultural Axle Series

european agr axle
European agricultural axle series
agr axle without brake
Agricultural axle without brake series
agr axle with brake
Agricultural axle with brake series

Trailer Axle Structure

trailer Axle

Axle Body Assembly

The axle body is the core part of a trailer axle, usually composed of a metal axle tube with sufficient strength, used to carry the load weight of the vehicle. The main component of the axle also includes axle end heads installed at both ends of the axle tube, which are used to connect the wheels and other related components.

Brake Assembly

are typically equipped with a braking system to provide braking function. The brake components include brake drums, brake shoes, brake discs, etc. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake component decelerates the rotation of the wheels through friction, achieving the braking effect of the vehicle.

Wheel End Assembly

The wheel end assembly includes hubs, bearings, axle nuts, etc. The is the part where the wheel is installed, which is connected to the end of the axle and supports the rotation of the tire. The bearings are located inside the hub, supporting the rotation of the hub and reducing friction and wear.

Camshaft Assembly

The camshaft assembly is used to transmit braking force to the brake shoes for braking operation. A camshaft is usually composed of a metal shaft with a raised cam on top. When the camshaft rotates, the cam pushes the brake shoes to make contact with the brake drum or brake disc, thereby achieving braking operation.

trailer Axle manufacture
trailer axle

We was established in 1999 and is currently one of the most professional axle manufacturing companies in China. The factory has a construction area of 20000 square meters and adopts advanced equipment such as electron beam welding machines, arc welding robots, CNC machine tool machining centers, CNC plate welding dragon door cutting centers, large hydraulic presses and large cylindrical grinding machines, automatic spraying lines, and ultrasonic detectors, A series of state-of-the-art manufacturing and fatigue testing and inspection equipment, including coordinate measuring instruments.

Strictly control the manufacturing of quality standardized production systems. Passing ISO/TS16949 quality inspection certification every year ensures advanced technology, laying a strong foundation for lean production and professional manufacturing.

At present, the mass-produced axles include standard German and American axle assemblies, various types of optical axles, mechanical suspensions, air suspensions, single point suspensions, wheel and brake drum assemblies and their supporting components, European agricultural axle series, front double axle rigid series, torque rocker arm axle series, etc. And can provide professional design customization services.


trailer axle