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Wheel drive planetary gearbox reducer, usually installed in the transmission system of the driving wheels, is generally used for heavy-duty off road special vehicles. Can achieve power transmission and torque amplification, control driving speed and machine stability


wheel drive
wheel drive application

The Wheel Drive Planetary Gearbox  offering a versatile and efficient solution for power transmission. Designed to optimize the performance of the propulsion system, this innovative drive component comes with an array of customizable options that ensure it operates at peak efficiency across various applications.

This reducer is particularly well-suited for wheeled machinery, capable of driving up to two separate units effectively. With its remarkable capacity, it can handle tire diameters reaching as large as 5 meters per wheel, while supporting loads of up to 50 metric tons on each individual tire – a testament to its robustness and heavy-duty design.

The extensive reduction ratio range provided by the Wheel Drive Planetary Gearbox offers tailor-made solutions for every type of transmission and application scenario, ensuring seamless adaptability to diverse operational requirements.  

Power Transmission

The power generated by the engine or electric motor is transmitted through the transmission shaft to the wheel drive planetary gearbox reducer. 

Torque Amplification

Multiple in a planetary gearbox mesh with each other, providing sufficient traction even in rough terrain, helping the vehicle overcome resistance and load, and maintain the ability to move forward or backward.

Speed Control & Direction Adjustment

By manipulating the joystick or foot pedal to change the working status of the hydraulic motor, the speed and steering of the wheel drive can be adjusted. For special vehicles with four-wheel drive, the torque between the front and rear wheels can also be distributed through the differential to facilitate turning or cope with different road conditions.

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