Uses of Conveyor Chains

Foodservice and automobile parts are only a couple of the various applications for conveyor chains. In the past, the car industry has been a significant consumer of this kind of heavy item transfer between different stations inside a warehouse or production plant. The robust conveyor systems offer an affordable and dependable way to increase efficiency by keeping goods off the industrial floor. Standard Roller Chains, Double Pitch Roller Chain, Case , Stainless Steel Conveyor Chains – C Type, and Nickel Plated ANSI Conveyor Chains are just a few of the sizes available for conveyor chains. All of these HZPT conveyor chain types have our exceptional customer service and quality standards as their foundation.

Advantages of Conveyor ChainSteel Conveyor Chain

  • High capacity for load
  • Due to the space between individual branches, it is feasible to transport items that are very wide or very long, and it is also possible to carry things that are high enough to reach the upper conveyor branch.
  • Conveyors are “made-to-measure” to the specifications of the customer.
  • The potential for particular technological or manufacturing processes to be carried out directly on the conveyor
  • Depending on the type of cargo being conveyed, an adjustable number of branches
  • The potential for changing individual chain links as opposed to the complete chain
  • The conveyor's skeleton is composed of modular system profiles that may be easily connected to other profiles or other technologies, giving the conveyor the potential for future modification.

Conveyor series roller chains are one of the most widely used chains in the world. As a transmission chain, the conveyor chain is a series of radial bearings connecting each radial bearing the constraints of the plate together. Only when production facilities run to the highest productivity do they maintain efficiency – if the conveyor speed is slow or sags, it is impossible. The conveyor chain is under heavy load, and high pressure may cause incredible damage, especially when using a substandard chain. The conveyor chain is a staple food production and citrus industry, allowing many goods from one location to move to another. HZPT China conveyor Chain is used in various corrosion-resistant materials, including stainless steel and ProCoat. Our conveyor chain types is durable and let you rest easy; the HZPT chain from one of the leading conveyor chain manufacturers in China will keep you running.

Similar to transmission chains, conveyor chains are made up of a succession of journal bearings that are connected by restricting plates. Chain Conveyor belts that are slow or saggy prevent production facilities from operating at peak productivity, which is necessary for efficiency. Your conveyor chain may suffer severe damage from the huge weights and intense strain it is put under, especially if you're utilising cheap chains. The food and citrus industries rely heavily on chain conveyors to quickly move vast quantities of products from one place to another.

Types of Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains have articulations consisting of pins and bushes joined by plates, just like all other chains. Their primary advantage is that they may accept a variety of attachment methods depending on the conveyor system being used and the type of load being transported. Their pitch, which tends to be large, is not a distinctive quality and can be selected from a wide range of values.


As a top supplier of China conveyor chains, HZPT offers conveyor chain types made of stainless steel and ProCoat in addition to other corrosion-resistant materials. You can have confidence that we will keep you operating because of the durability and strength of our conveyor chains.

Conveyor Chain Types

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Bicycle chain sprockets are arguably the most identifiable sprockets. However, a wide range of machines, including automobiles, motorbikes, and tracked systems, also employ roller chain sprockets. Simply speaking, a roller chain sprocket is any wheel having teeth that mesh with a chain. However, they can occasionally be used in tandem with a track or other porous material. A roller chain sprocket never meshes with another sprocket directly, hence it should not be confused with a gear. The aluminium hubs used to make our roller chain sprockets are of the highest quality. This gives their design strength and durability. HZPT roller chain sprockets are made of glass-reinforced nylon for the body. Contact us for more details.

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