High Precision Planetary Gearbox

High Precision , also known as Servo Motor Planetary Gearbox, is a precision transmission device designed specifically for servo motor systems. This gearbox adopts a structure, where multiple planetary gears rotate around a central sun gear and are embedded in an inner ring gear, achieving torque conversion and speed reduction between the input and output shafts in this way.

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high precision planetary gearbox

Performance Economy

high precision planetary gearbox


high precision planetary gearbox

High Performance


Ultra Performance

high precision planetary gearbox


Hollow Rotary Actuator

Hollow Rotary Actuator

right angle steering gearbox (

Right Angle Steering Gearbox

cycloidal pin-wheel gearbox

RV-E & RV-C Robot Reducer

high precision planetary gearbox part
high precision planetary gearbox part

① Precision gears

The reducer adopts a spiral gear design, with a tooth profile meshing ratio of more than twice that of ordinary straight teeth, and has the characteristics of smooth operation, low noise, high output torque, and low backlash

high precision planetary gearbox part

② Precision planetary carrier

The planetary arm frame and output shaft adopt an integrated structural design, with large spans of front and rear bearings distributed inside the box, forming a stable integrated structure. Ensure high torsional rigidity and accuracy. Adjust the axial clearance through the adjustment screw on the planetary carrier

high precision planetary gearbox part

③ Inner gear ring

The gear ring and output end housing adopt an integrated design, using high-quality color steel and hot forging to achieve high material density. The integrated design ensures that all geometric dimensions can be processed at once, and has higher accuracy and strength compared to other embedded, clamped and other structures.

high precision planetary gearbox part-4

④ Input shaft

The input shaft and locking device adopt an integrated design with symmetrical distribution of double bolts, achieving dynamic balance. By using double bolt strong locking, the motor shaft transmission is effectively prevented from slipping, achieving high-precision zero backlash power transmission.

high precision planetary gearbox part

⑤ Connection board

Advanced connection board design, easy to install and can be perfectly combined with servo and stepper motors from various manufacturers.

Your Specialist for High Precision Mechanical Transmission

serve motor planetary gearbox

We are a professional manufacturer of power transmission devices that integrates scientific research, production, and sales, located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The company has a senior research and development team with industry-leading level, possessing independently developed core technologies and intellectual property rights, advanced product processes, sophisticated processing equipment, and complete testing instruments. It can independently design and develop various types of gearboxes and .

We have utilized our technological advantages and our products have been exported to European and American countries such as Germany, Italy, and the United States for many years. We insist that every product we produce is of good quality and excellence. The performance indicators of the product are strictly manufactured in accordance with national and industry standards, and a complete set of strict and scientific quality assurance systems have been established. Strictly operating in accordance with the international quality management system standard lSO90012015, our products have passed mandatory CCC certification in China and CE certification in the European Community. The products are produced according to international lC standards and have reached the advanced level of similar international products.

high precision planetary gearbox factory
high precision planetary gearbox factory

Gear hobbing machine
Gear hobbing machine
Gear hobbing machine
Gear hobbing machine
Gear hobbing machine
Gear hobbing machine
nachi gear-broach machine
Nachi gear-broach machine
Osaka Precision Gear Measuring Instrument
Precision Gear Measuring Instrument
gear-broach machine
Gear-broach machine
Demaji machining center
Demaji machining center
gear grinding machine
Gear grinding machine

Spur Gear

● Right Angle

● Right Angle Steering Gearbox

TR high precision planetary gearbox

TX Series

LX-AS high precision planetary gearbox

LX-AS Series

LD-AS high precision planetary gearbox

LD-AS Series

LXC-A high precision planetary gearbox

LXC-A Series

LDC-A high precision planetary gearbox

LDC-A Series

● Cycloidal-pin Wheel Gearbox

RV-E high precision planetary gearbox

RV-E Series

RV-C high precision planetary gearbox

RV-C Series

● Servo Motor

WG high precision SERVO MOTOR

WG Series

● Pressure Sensor

WB high precision planetary gearbox

WB Series




Lithium Battery Industry



Logistics Warehousing



Welding Positioner



Laser Cutting



Textile Machinery



Photovoltaic Solar Energy



Food Processing



Non-standard Automation



Printing & Paper Processing Machinery



Medical Equipment



Industrial Robot



Packaging Machinery



CNC Machine Tool



CNC Machine Tool Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)



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Gear Unit Selection & Announcements

Step 1: Determination of Reducer Specifications

Note : n2、 P2 Speed and power of the driven equipment; T2 Torque required for driven equipment ; P1N、T2N Power and Torque Required for Actual Reducer