Flange Flexible Couplings

The flexible Coupling Model is widely used for its compact design, easy installation, convenient maintenance, small size, and lightweight. As long as the relative displacement between shafts is kept within the specified tolerance, the coupling will operate the best function and have a longer working life. Thus it is greatly demanded in medium and minor power transmission systems driven by motors, such as speed reducers, hoists, compressors, spinning &weaving machines, and ball mills.

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Flange Flexible Couplings

Designed to minimize transmission vibration and reduce the cost of transmission repairs, HZPT provides a fail-safe design that reduces transmission damage and noise. The product is also designed to make installation and adjustment easier.

Flexible Couplings are manufactured using polyester elastomer that does not deform with lubrication fluids. The coupling is designed to transmit torque at a rate of about one-quarter inch per minute, resulting in a working life of several years.

Flexible Flange CouplingFlexible Flanged Shaft CouplingFlexible Flanged Shaft CouplingFlange Flexible Couplings

Flange Flexible Couplings Specifications

Flange Flex Coupling

SIZE N.m r/min D D1 d1 L C n-M KG
90 4 4000 90 35.5 11 28 3 4-M8*50 1.7
100 10 4000 100 40 11 35.5 3 4-M10*56 2.3
112 16 4000 112 45 13 40 3 4-M10*56 2.8
125 25 4000 125 50 13 45 3 4-M12*64 4.0
140 50 4000 140 63 13 50 3 6-M12*64 5.4
160 110 4000 160 80 15 56 3 8-M12*64 8.0
180 157 3500 180 90 15 63 3 8-M12*64 10.5
200 245 3200 200 100 21 71 4 8-M20*85 16.2
224 392 2850 224 112 21 80 4 8-M20*85 21.3
250 618 2550 250 125 25 90 4 8-M24*100 31.6
280 980 2300 280 140 34 100 4 8-M24*116 44.0
315 1568 2050 315 160 41 112 4 10-M24*116 57.7
355 2450 1800 355 180 60 125 5 8-M30*150 89.5
400 3920 1600 400 200 60 125 5 10-M30*150 89.5
450 6174 1400 450 224 65 140 5 12-M30*150 145
560 9800 1150 560 250 85 160 5 14-M30*150 229
630 15680 1000 630 280 95 180 5 18-M30*150 296

What Is a Flexible Coupling Used For?

Typically, flexible couplings are used to transmit torque and power between two rotating shafts. These couplings are also used for other purposes, including vibration damping and noise reduction.

Unlike rigid couplings, flange flexible couplings can accommodate misalignment of shafts in any direction. These types of couplings are also known as adjustable couplings. They are typically made of aluminum, stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials. These flange flexible couplings are used in machine tools, industrial equipment, transport systems, and agriculture equipment.

Flange Flexible Coupling

Features of Flexible Couplings

Flexible couplings have many advantages, including ease of installation and flexibility in transferring torque. Typically, these couplings have a high torque capacity. They are typically lighter and less expensive than rigid couplings. They also reduce vibration, noise, and backlash. They are also compatible with various load conditions.

There are two general types of flexible couplings: mechanical and elastomeric. Both types are used in flexible shaft couplings. Mechanical couplings are made from various materials, including metal, rubber, or plastic. Flexible shaft couplings are typically cylindrical in shape and are used to connect two shafts in an engine or other device.

The elastomeric type of flexible coupling is made from a resilient material. These couplings have a high vibration dampening capacity. They are also lighter than mechanical couplings and have good shock absorption properties. They can also be designed for zero backlash to ensure accurate positioning of driving and driven shafts. These couplings are available in various sizes and styles.

Flange Flexible Coupling

HZPT, Hangzhou Ever-Power Transmission Co, Ltd, is one of the leading coupling manufacturers that you can rely on in China. Contact us now to get more about flexible flange couplings.

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