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Spindle Unit for CNC Lathe JSC320C JSC320A

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Spindle Unit for CNC Lathe JSC320C JSC320A

Smooth operation, long service life, and low maintenance and repair costs are the quality characteristics of our spindle units. They meet the highest quality standards. They are obviously equipped with ball bearings from our product line.
As a result, we are able to respond quickly, reliably, and flexibly to multiple customer requests without any intermediaries when it comes to ball bearings. Downtime and maintenance costs are thus minimized.

1. For horizontal use, the water holes on the gland must be vertically downwards.
2. Inside and outside spindle taper runout ≤0.003.
3. Distance 300mm runout: near the end is ≤0.002, far end is≤0.007.
4. The form of pulley and encoder can be specified by the customer.
5. Accept the special specifications of customers.

1. Spindle unit left side up vertical use.
2. Inside and outside spindle tape runout ≤0.003.
3. Distance 300mm runout: near the end is ≤0.005, far end is≤0.01.
4. The form of pulley and encoder can be specified by the customer.
5. Accept the special specifications of customers.

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The Spindle Unit for a CNC Lathe

Standard machine models include a 10-inch chuck and a sub-spindle. Larger models come with a 12- or 15-inch collet. Y-axis and optional milling are also available. Both machines offer additional spindle length and can be configured to accommodate more workpieces.

Spindle units in CNC lathes should be able to handle higher and lower RPMs. Lower RPM spindles are suitable for basic steel machining and higher RPM units are suitable for drilling steel. These features are critical to the overall performance of a CNC lathe.

The main drive system of a CNC lathe is directly connected to the spindle, providing high power and torque. It is one of the largest CNC turning centers in the industry and can be equipped with hydraulic steady rests up to 510mm and boring bars of 100mm x 1000mm. Bars with larger bore diameters are also available upon request.

Generally speaking, CNC lathes have several axes. This makes it possible to produce parts with complex geometries. These axes indicate the position of the part and tool, as well as the rotation of the part. In addition to axes, CNC lathes can also include a second or sub-spindle.

Spindle Care

The spindle is the driving force behind the lathe. Misuse them and you risk spindle failure and a useless lathe.

Balance - Most spindles will include set screws to keep the spindle evenly balanced and free to spin. When replacing an old spindle or upgrading, be sure to verify and calibrate your spindle.

Lubrication - Spindles are more than just a connection point; they include finely ground bearings and inner workings to keep the entire system running smoothly. Most spindle failures are not caused by heavy loads - they come from poor maintenance and a lack of lubrication or coolant, causing spindle bearings to lock and fail.

Purchase a replacement spindle or upgrade from a reputable manufacturer. Old spindles can often be repaired rather than replaced; use a reliable repair center to get your lathe back up and running quickly.

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Our products all adopt international, European, and American advanced industrial standards, use precise and good processing equipment, develop reasonable production technology, apply efficient and flexible management systems, and improve the quality management system to ensure that the product quality is good and the price is affordable.

Our factory adheres to the enterprise concept of "quality: the basis of enterprise survival, integrity: the basis of enterprise development, service: the source of enterprise development, low price: the instrument of enterprise development." We are always looking forward to the presence of customers at home and abroad, seeking win-win benefits and joint cause development.

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