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XTB Bushings

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XTB Bushings

Type XTB bushings are used in a variety of applications such as conveyor pulleys, sprockets, and pulleys. We offer a full line of XTB bushings and XTB hubs in sizes from 15 to 120. What sets our XTB bushings apart is high-quality 1045 steel construction or high-strength grade 35 castings (depending on the XT bushing series), a corrosion-resistant black oxide coating, and close tolerances for easy installation and removal. Note that non-stock or custom XTB bushings will not have a black oxide finish unless requested. When replacing old XTB bushings, we recommend using LU103 rust preventive penetrant or LU402 eco-grade penetrant for easy removal of old hardware. We also offer stainless steel XTB bushings and hubs for washdown and food-grade applications, as well as conveyor rollers and pulleys. For more information or to get a quote on XTB bushings, please contact our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you!

XTB Bushing Sizes

The size chart below shows standard XTB bushing sizes, please contact us for custom XTB style bushings or stainless steel.

XTB bushing

Dimension (A)
Dimension (B)
Dimension (D)
Dimension (L)
Dimension (BC)
Rec. Wrench Torque (ft-lbs)
Weight (LBS)
XTB15 7/16 2.000 2-7/8 1-5/16 2-7/16 4 1/4-20NC x 1-1/4 7.9 7.9
XTB20 15/32 2.688 3-3/4 1-13/32 3-3/16 4 5/16-18NC x 1-1/2 16.7 1.5
XTB25 5/8 3.188 4-7/16 1-7/8 3-3/4 4 3/8-16NC x 2 29.2 2.6
XTB30 11/16 3.875 5-5/16 2-1/16 4-9/16 4 7/16-14NC x 2 45.8 4.2
XTB35 25/32 4.688 6-5/16 2-15/32 5-7/16 4 1/2-13NC x 2-1/2 70 7.4
XTB40 7/8 5.313 7-1/8 2-13/16 6-1/8 4 9/16-12NC x 2-1/2 100 10.5
XTB45 15/16 5.938 8 3-5/16 6-7/8 4 5/8-11NC x 2-1/2 140 14.8
XTB50 1 7.250 10-1/8 3-3/4 8-5/16 4 3/4-10NC x 3 250 27.8
XTB60 1-1/8 8.625 11-15/16 4-1/8 9-7/8 4 7/8-9NC x 3-1/2 400 42.8
XTB70 1-5/16 10.000 13-15/16 4-11/16 11-9/16 4 1-8NC x 3-1/2 600 66.3
XTB80 1-3/8 11.125 15-5/8 5-1/8 12-7/8 4 1-1/8-7NC x 4 750 85.7
XTB100 1-9/16 13.688 17-15/16 6-3/16 15-6/16 6 1-1/8-7NC x 4 750 146
XTB120 1-3/4 16.188 20-5/8 7-1/16 18-3/16 8 1-1/8-7NC x 4 750 216


This bushing is a high-quality durable bushing. Some of what makes this bushing special is the 1045 grade steel construction and strict quality control to ensure you always get a consistent quality product. We also offer accompanying product types that are manufactured to accept these types of bushings. For more information or to get a formal quote please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!


  • Bushing Type: XTB 15、20、25、30、35、40、45、50、60、70、80、100、120
  • Bore Size: 1"、1-1/2"、1-1/4"、1-11/16"、1-15/16"、1-3/16"、1-7/16"、2"、2-7/16"、2-11/16"、2-15/16"、3/4"、3-15/16"、3-7/16"、4-7/16"、4-15/16"、5-1/2"、6-1/2"、6-15/16"、6-7/16"、7-1/2"、7-15/16"、8"、
  • Dimension (L):1-1/8"、 1-13/32"、1-7/8"、2-1/16"、2-15/32"、2-13/16"、3-5/16"、3-3/4"、4-1/8"、4-11/16"
  • Dimension (U): 3/8"、15/32"、5/8"、11/16"、 26/32"、7/8"、15/16"、1"、1-1/8"、1-5/16"
  • Dimension (H): 2-7/8"、3-3/4"、4-7/16"、5-5/16"、6-5/16"、7-1/8"、8"、10-1/8"、11-15/16"、13-15/16"
  • Dimension (S):5/32"、 7/32"、1/4"、9/32"、5/16"、3/8"、13/32"、15/32"、9/16"、5/8"
  • Cap Screw Amount: 4
  • Cap Screw Size:1/4" X 1"、 5/16" X 1-1/4"、1/4"、7/16" X 1-1/2"、1/2" X 1-3/4"、9/16" X 2"、5/8" X 2-1/4"、3/4" X 2-1/2"、7/8" X 2-1/2"、1" X 3"
  • Wrench Torque:95 LBS、 200 LBS、350 LBS、550 LBS、840 LBS、1200 LBS、1680 LBS、3000 LBS、4800 LBS、7200 LBS
  • Weight:0.7 LBS、 1.5 LBS、2.6 LBS、4.2 LBS、7.4 LBS、10.5 LBS、14.8 LBS、27.8 LBS、42.8 LBS、66.3 LBS

Advantages of XTB Bushings

XTB bushings provide a more secure connection between parts than set screws or keys. Manufactured from premium materials, these high-quality bushings are designed for versatility and value. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes and are made of machined steel, grade 35 cast iron, or stainless steel. Learn about the benefits of XTB bushings below. Be sure to visit XTB's website for more information.

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