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Shaft Collars

Shaft collars are used to position and locate components on a shaft. They also help to limit the movement of the shaft. There are many different types of shaft collars available. Each of these collars has different characteristics. As a professional manufacturer and distributor of shaft collars, we also provide custom shaft collars with special requirements.

Shaft Collars

Types of Shaft Collars

Three primary functions are provided by shaft collars:

1) Keeping components in place

2) Locating or positioning components on a shaft

3) Attaching the shaft to another component.

Manufacturers and distributors offer a wide range of variations to meet the needs of different applications. Here are some examples of types that are commonly available.

Solid Shaft Collars

Solid Shaft Collars

A solid shaft collar will withstand a high amount of force.
Solid shaft collars are economical. They are durable, lightweight, and do not require specialized tools. They are set in position with a hardened set screw that penetrates the shaft. Solid shaft collars are used on shafts in a variety of applications, including as mechanical stops, locating components, and bearing faces. They are easy to install and tighten.



Single Split Shaft Collars

Single Split Shaft Collars

Single split shaft collars are a great choice for hard and soft standard round shafts. They offer a superior grip over solid collars and tremendous axial power. They also minimize shaft distortion. These collars can be adjusted to fit virtually any shaft diameter. They are easy to install and remove, and are easily adjustable.



Double Split Shaft Collars

Double Split Shaft Collars

Double-split shaft collars can be described as a kind of shaft collar comprised of two distinct components. They are easily disassembled which allows them to be utilized in situations where the top of the shaft isn’t accessible. Two-piece shaft collars offer more hold force and resistance to shock load when compared to single-piece counterparts because they are able to make use of all of the seating torque they have to generate compression forces around the shaft. They are an excellent choice for a variety of applications.



Heavy Duty Split Shaft Collar

Heavy Duty Shaft Collars

Heavy duty shaft collars feature larger outer diameters, wider widths, and larger screws to hold shafts in place. They come in three to six-inch bore sizes and are available in two-piece and one-piece clamp styles. Heavy duty shaft collars can accommodate high axial loads and can also be used in applications that require frequent axial adjustment. A two-piece clamp collar is better for applications that require frequent disassembly and adjustment. These collars are available in both metric and Inch measurements. They can also be disassembled and reassembled without tools.

Why Choose Ever-power Shaft Collars?

  • Over 20 years of superior process ensures excellent fit, finish and holding power.
  • Strict control of face hole perpendicularity for proper alignment of mating components.
  • Proprietary processes that maintain round hole geometry for tight tolerances, proper mounting fit and improved clamping force.
  • Black oxide process produces a fine glossy finish with increased retention and corrosion resistance.
  • Two-piece collar halves are mated together throughout the manufacturing process for proper fit and alignment.
  • Forged screws of the highest grade (metric screws DIN 912 12.9) are tested to meet or exceed industry standards for maximum torque capacity.
  • All collars are RoHS3 and REACH compliant.
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What is Shaft Collar Used For?

Shaft collars can be used for holding flags on flag poles, positioning devices on medical equipment, and for more common industrial applications that hold other shaft assemblies such as bearings, sprockets and pulleys in place.

What is the Bore Size on a Shaft Collar?

The bore size of shaft collars refers to the diameter of the shaft collar’s inner diameter. The collar may not be able to clamp the shaft properly if the bore is too large.

Custom Shaft Collars Designs

As a professional manufacturer and distributor of shaft collars suitable for use in power transmission, motion control, automation, etc., we offer our extensive manufacturing expertise and talents to help customers with special requirements. Our engineering team is highly skilled in designing custom engineering solutions and has extensive experience. You can inquire about custom options if you have not got the solution you need in our standard range.