Cycloidal Gearbox

The cycloidal pin wheel gear reducer is a kind of planetary transmission principle, which adopts the cycloidal pin gear meshing and planetary transmission principle, so it is usually called the planetary cycloidal reducer. The planetary cycloidal pin gear reducer can be widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation, and other industries as a driving or reducing device. Its unique stable structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducers and worm gear reducers in many cases. Therefore, a planetary cycloidal pin gear reducer is widely used in various industries and fields and is widely welcomed by users.

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 Category of the Cycloidal Reducer

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep Cycloidal gearbox 1

BW / XW Series

Single Stage, Foot-mounted

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep Cycloidal gearbox 14 2

BL / XL Series

Single Stage, Flange-mounted

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep bwe 1

BWE, XWE Series

Double stage, Foot-mounted

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep ble xle cyclo gearbox 1

BLE, XLE Series

Double Stage, Flange-mounted

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep Cycloidal gearbox 11

BWD / XWD Series

Single Stage, Foot-mounted with motor

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep Cycloidal gearbox 12

BLD / XLD Series

Single Stage, Flange-mounted with motor

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep bwed xwed cyclo gearbox 1

BWED / XWED Series

Double stage, Foot-mounted with motor

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep bled xled cyclo gearbox 1

BLED / XLED Series

Double Stage, Flange-mounted with motor

8000 Series Cycloidal Pinwheel Reducer

Technical Data of Cycloidal Gearbox

Specifications (model)X series, single stage1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
B series, single stage0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
X series, double stage42, 53, 63, 74, 84, 85, 95, 106. 116, 117
B series, double stage20, 31, 41, 52, 53, 63, 74, 84, 85
X series, triple stage642, 742, 842, 852, 853, 952, 953, 1063, 1164, 1174
B series, triple stage420, 520, 530, 531, 630, 631, 741, 842
RatioSingle stage6, 7, 9, 11,17, 23, 25, 29, 35, 43, 59, 71, 87
Double stage121, 187, 289, 391, 473, 493, 595, 731, 841, 1003, 1225, 1505, 1849, 2065, 2537, 3481, 5133
Triple stage2055-658503

 Cyclo Gearbox Theory of Operation

Cycloidal gearbox uses the principle of cycloidal gear to provide a high transmission ratio (usually 100:1 or higher), with excellent torsional stiffness, good impact load capacity, stable backlash, and low wear within the service life of the gearbox.

The cycloidal gearbox has many designs, but its basic principle is an input shaft eccentrically mounted on a driving member or , which drives the cycloidal disk with an eccentric motion. When the disc rotates, the convex angle of the cycloidal disc is like a tooth, which meshes with the pin on the fixed gear ring. The cycloidal disc also has roller pins projecting through the disc, which are connected to the output disc, which transmits motion to the output shaft.

The number of convex angles (teeth) on the cycloidal disk is lower than the number of pins (teeth) on the to achieve deceleration and torque multiplication. To prevent the output shaft from “swinging,” the roller pin connected to the output plate is installed in a hole slightly larger than the pin diameter. A single cycloidal disc bears the unbalanced force, which can be compensated using a second cycloidal disc (offset by 180 degrees from the first cycloidal disc).
Cycloidal gear is more challenging to manufacture than involute gear, which requires highly accurate manufacturing and assembly. But they do provide significant benefits in some applications. First, they can provide transmission ratios up to 300:1 in relatively small packages, especially gearbox length, because they do not need to “stack” gear stages like planetary designs.
Because of its rolling contact and lower Hertz contact stress, the friction and wear of cycloidal on the tooth surface are also lower. Its good torsional stiffness and the ability to withstand impact load make it an ideal choice for heavy industrial applications requiring servo accuracy and stiffness.

 Advantages and disadvantages of planetary gearbox

Cycloidal Gearbox Advantages

Cycloidal drives can begin with zero backlash and large torque capacity even though compact in dimension, unlike Involute gearboxes. These are helpful in scenarios wherever reduced speed with higher torque capacity is needed. Cycloidal drives may be developed with drastically larger make contact with places for his or her dimension than any gear-based transmission for example, epicyclic gears, applying force through many of the ‘teeth' at the moment, enabling pretty high torque output for your size with the drive with the price of utilising sliding make contact with.

Cycloidal Gearbox Disadvantages

Due to the eccentric nature of the drive, should the cycloidal disk is not balanced by a 2nd disk or a counterweight, it can generate vibration, which can propagate by way of the driven shafts and physique. This can also cause improved dress over the exterior teeth of the cycloidal disk as component bearings. With two discs, the static imbalance is corrected, but a little dynamic inequality remains; this is frequently viewed as acceptable for most applications, but to cut back vibration higher pace drives use three (or much more) discs to permit the imbalance to be corrected, the outer discs move in unison and in opposition to the middle one particular that's twice as massive.

 Electric Motor for Cycloidal Gearbox

Y Series Three -phase Asynchronous Electric Motor

YEJ series Three-phase Asynchronous Brake Motor

VFG Three-phase Variable-frequency Motor

Customized Motor

  1. this series gear unit configures a three-phase asynchronous electric motor;
  2. voltage:380V/50Hz;
  3. protection class:IP54, insulation class: F; temperature rising class : B;
  4. ambient temperature : -15-40。C;
  5. continue working duty: S1;
  6. altitude less than 1000m;
  7. self-cooling with  fan: C0141;
  8. within frame l100, follow connection Y, from frame 112, follow connection ;
  9. first select 4,6,8 poles motor;




  1. Based on the Y series motor, add a brake;
  2. voltage: 380V/50Hz;
  3. brake voltage: frame: 71~100 DC99V   frame: 112~200 DC170V;
  4. with single phase AC200V/50Hz rectifier;
  5. protection class:IP54, insulation class:F, temperature rising class: B;
  6. ambient temperature:-15~40。C;
  7. continue working duty: S1;
  9. self-cooling with fan: C0141;
  10. upon to frame 100, follow connection Y, from frame 112, follow connection ;
  11. first select 4,6,8 poles motor;
  1. voltage:380V;
  2. rated frequency 50Hz;
  3. available frequency:5~50Hz;
  4. protection class: IP54,insulation class:F, temperature rising class: B;
  5. ambient temperature:-15~40。C;
  6. continue working duty: S1;
  7. altitude less than 1000m;
  8. cooling with independence fan: C416;
  9. connection perform the requirement of the inverter;
  10. first, select 4 poles motor;



  1. others like explosion-proof, roller motors, marine motors, or multi-speed motors coupled by the adaptor need a different frequency voltage, please contact us.
  2. ambient temperature is not in-15~40。C, please concontact.
  3. for higher insulation and protection class, please contact us.









 Maintenance (Disassembly and Assembly)

Our company manufactures all kinds of cycloidal reducers with the same internal structure, whose disassembly
and assembly has the same order. Lubrication oil should first be run out before disassembly, and the oil
pump of the vertical reducer should be first disassembled.

  1. Disassembly: First, loosen the attachment bolt, disassemble 4 and 10, and then successively disassemble
    parts 6, 7, and 8. Assembly adopts the opposite order.
  2. Assembly
    Following attentions should be paid to assembly:
  • Clean all parts before assembly.
  • Lubricate rolling and sliding surfaces to form the condition of insufficient lubrication.
  • Tags of two cycloidal wheels must be kept 180°.
  • Carefully adjust the spring's elasticity the in the rubber oil seal and lubricate the grease.
  • Inject lubricating oil or lubricating grease after assembly with horizontal oil level up to the red line of oil
    pointer and vertical oil level up to the middle line of the oil pointer.
  • Manually turn high-speed shaft, and make an open drive if the check is OK. Check the working condition of the oil pump of the vertical reducer, and put it into use if the review is OK.
  • Strictly conform to requirements to disassemble the direct-coupled motor, and it is forbidden to start
    disassembly from the motor flange.
  • Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep cyclo gearbox 1
1. output shaft2. tight ring of output shaft2. small end cap4. engine base5. pin bush of pin roll
6. Cycloidal wheel 7. eccentric bearing8.spacer ring9. set of pin gear10. the shell of pin gear
11. Big end cap12. fan cover13. input shaft


 China Cycloidal Gearbox Manufacturer

We are an enterprise specializing in the production of cycloidal pin gear reducers. Since the company's establishment, we have introduced new technologies and high-precision equipment to improve the pct quality continuously. The primary cycloidal pin gear reducers are: planetary cycloidal pin gear reducers, vertical cycloidal pin gear reducers, horizontal cycloidal pin gear reducers, B series cycloidal pin gear reducers, X series cycloidal pin gear reducers, 8000 series cycloidal pin gear reducers (including professional cycloidal pin gear reducers for environmental protection), and non-standard reducers and racks, cycloidal pin gear reducer accessories, etc. can be customized. The products are complete, with the advantages of “high strength, small size, low noise, long life, energy conservation, durability, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dust-proof, large transmission torque, stable performance, and beautiful appearance design,” which are widely used in mechanical equipment, automobile manufacturing, three-dimensional parking, textile printing and dyeing, package printing, environmental protection engineering, beer and beverage, iron and steel metallurgy, automatic warehousing and logistics equipment, lifting and transportation, mine transportation, building ceramics, light industry, The drive field of the chemical industry, port and other industries is the source of power.

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep cyclo gearbox manufacturer 4

The company is committed to pioneering and innovating various new cycloidal pin gear reducers, providing users with modern, high-quality new products, and satisfying your needs through perfect services. The production equipment is updated daily, the technology is constantly improved, and the products are moving towards a diversified production track, striving for perfection. Advanced technology leads the way for the sales of products to the broad competitive market, has won the trust and praise of customers, and is favored by businesses.

Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep cyclo gearbox manufacturer 1
Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep cyclo gearbox manufacturer 2
Cycloidal gear motor Cyclo gearbox drives ep cyclo gearbox manufacturer 3

Cycloidal in equipment motor BWD/XWD planetary cycloid gearbox drives

Cycloidal gearbox Features

  1. Substantial reduction ratio and effectiveness
  2. Compact structure and modest volume
  3. Stable operation and low sound
  4. Reliable operation and prolonged support lifestyle
  5. Potent overload potential, powerful resistance to affect, small minute of inertia, and relevant to events with recurrent stars and optimistic and unfavorable rotating.

Cycloidal gearbox Sort
B collection cycloid pin wheel speed reducer

  1. BW pedal kind horizontal double-axle cycloid pin wheel pace reducer
  2. BL flange sort vertical loaded double cycloidal pin wheel speed reducer
  3. BWY pedal sort horizontal set up particular motor immediate-connection sort cycloid reducer
  4. BLY flange kind vertical assembly special motor immediate-relationship variety cycloid reducer
  5. BWD pedal type horizontal normal motor direct-connection type cycloid reducer
  6. BLD flange sort vertical keep normal motor immediate-connection type cycloid reducer

X sequence cycloid pin wheel velocity reducer

  1. XW pedal kind horizontal double-axle cycloid pin wheel speed reducer
  2. XL flange variety vertical loaded double cycloidal pin wheel velocity reducer
  3. XWY pedal sort horizontal mounted unique motor direct-connection sort cycloid reducer
  4. XLY flange type vertical assembly particular motor direct-relationship kind cycloid reducer
  5. XWD pedal sort horizontal common motor direct-link sort cycloid reducer
  6. XLD flange kind vertical maintain regular motor direct-link kind cycloid reducer