P1 Split Taper Bushings

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P1 Split Taper Bushings
We stock a full line of premium P1 style slit tapered bushings! Manufactured from high-quality steel, these bushings are precision machined and subject to strict quality control that sets them apart. Additionally, we have a team of highly trained experts to answer any questions you may have. We are a one-stop shop, which means we can supply almost any power transmission product you need. For more information or to get a quote for P1 bushings, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Dimensions of P1 split taper bushing

G Split Taper Bushings

  • Bushing Type: P1
  • Bore Size: 1-1/16"、1-9/16"、14mm、15/16"、15mm、16mm、18mm、19mm、20mm、22mm、24mm、24mm、28mm、30mm、32mm、36mm、38mm、39mm、40mm、42mm、9/16"
  • Dimension (L): 1-15/16"3
  • Dimension (U): 13/32"
  • Dimension (T): 1-17/32"
  • Dimension (D): 1.9375"
  • Dimension (H): 3"
  • Dimension (V): 27/16"
  • Dimension (W): 3/8"
  • Dimension (X): 15/16"
  • Dimension (Y): 7/32"
  • Dimension (R): 7/32"
  • Dimension (S): 1/4"
  • Cap Screws Amount: 3
  • Cap Screw Size: 5/16" X 1"
  • Wrench Torque: 192 LBS
  • Weight: 1.3

Choose a tapered bushing for your application

When selecting the correct tapered bushing for your application, you need to select the correct bore for the component. A simple sizing chart showing standard sizes for tapered locking bushings can be found online. However, keep in mind that this chart only shows basic size requirements. Your actual bolt holes may differ from the dimensions shown. The correct size should be selected based on the application and hub type.
Split tapered bushings are also available in a flanged design. They are commonly used on pulleys and pulleys to eliminate the need for drilling parts. Split tapered bushings are designed to be easily interchanged between manufacturers and retain their shape even if fasteners are loose. These versatile bushings are usually made of steel with a black oxide coating to prevent rust.
A tapered bushing is a bushing with a wedge-shaped handle. They are used in power transmission parts to connect shafts to rollers and pulleys. The tapered bushing's wedge-shaped grip allows for quick installation and removal without deforming the shaft. Some common types of tapered bushings include QD and Taper-Lock. If you're looking for a tapered bushing for your application, you'll be happy to know that there are several types available, including regular and high-strength bushings.


1. Make sure the bushing cone and interior of the driven product are clean and free of anti-seize lubricant.
2. Place the bushing into the sprocket or other part type that accepts bushings.
3. Loosely place the cap screws into the pull-up holes. The bushing remains loose to ensure a slip fit on the shaft.
4. Using the keys on the shaft, slide the sprocket or other part type to the desired position on the shaft. Make sure that the heads of the cap screws are accessible.
5. Align the sprockets or part types, alternately and incrementally tighten the screws until they are taut. Do not use extensions on the wrench handle, and do not allow sprockets or parts to be pulled out and contact the bushing flange. There should be a gap between the bushing flange and the sprocket at this point to ensure that the gap does not close.


1. Loosen and remove cap screws.
2. Insert the cap screws into the threaded removal holes.
3. Tighten the inserted screws until the sprocket or other part type is loose on the shaft.
4. Remove sprocket/part type from the shaft.

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Q1. Are you a factory?
A. Yes. We are a factory with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience.

Q2. Is OEM and ODM service available?

A. Of course. We have many years of experience in OEM& ODM service.

Q3. I am buying from another supplier, but need better service. Would you match or beat the price I am paying?

A. We always think we provide the best service and competitive price. We would be happy to provide you with a personalized competitive quote, email us.

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