PTO Shaft for New Holland BigBaler Square Balers 330 340

As long as the device does not have its engine, you will see it being used. For example, you will often see power takeoff used in commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment. PTO shaft innovation mainly comes from the wisdom of farmers. The tractor engine is used as a PTO shaft to operate a jackhammer or other equipment. Some other applications you see for PTO shafts include:
(1) Wood chipper
(2) Hay baler
(3) Harvester
(4) Forest machinery
(5) Rotary tillers

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PTO Shaft for New Holland BigBaler Square Balers 330 340

New Holland Square Balers Bigbaler Models: 330, 340

Our research shows that most tractors use 1.375-21 splines, and the input shaft is 1.750-6 splines. Other combinations are available.

PTO Shaft Assembly

PTO Catagory / RPM Tractor Part Number
CAT5/540 1.375-6 CS8R121U2WR7000
CAT5/1000 1.375-21 CS8R121U2WR8000
CAT5/1000 1.375-20 CH8R121U2WR0000

PTO Shaft Yokes

Part Number Diameter No of Splines Bore c-e Length Notes
5090L0360 1.375 6 68 133 splined
5090L3760 1.375 21 68 133 splined
5090L0460 1.750 6 68 133 splined
5090L3860 1.750 20 68 133 splined

What is a PTO Shaft?

A PTO shaft transfers the power from the tractor to the PTO shaft-powered attachment.  This enables the tractor to power a variety of tractor implements, including flail mowers, wood chippers, rotary tillers, excavators, and more.

PTO shaft connectors on tractors are not standardized, which can lead to complications when connecting the PTO shaft.  For example, some older tractor models have the connection flange closer to the tractor itself, making it difficult to connect and leading to a potential safety hazard.

PTO Shaft Adapters

To avoid potential connectivity issues, you may want to consider PTO shaft adapters for your tractor. The PTO shaft adapter extends the connection to the implement, providing additional space for the PTO shaft to turn without touching other parts of your tractor or the implement. As a precautionary measure, it is a good idea to purchase PTO shaft adapters to ensure compatibility with your particular tractor model.

PTO Shaft Parts

It’s essential that you understand sizes, measuring, horsepower, and agriculture PTO shaft parts to choose the proper PTO shaft for your farm machinery. Though the yokes and U-joints are necessary for function, the safety chains and shield are very important parts of the PTO shaft to keep you safe during use.

(1) PTO shaft Internal Yoke- There are two, located at both ends of the PTO shaft -tractor and implement. This is welded to the drive end.
(2) PTO shaft Universal Joint- There are two, located at both ends of the PTO shaft.
(3) PTO shaft External Yoke- There are two, located at both ends of the PTO shaft. It has a “Y” shape to connect to the U-joint and a female hole.
(4) PTO shaft Safety Chain- The chains are used to secure the PTO shaft onto the equipment and onto the tractor.
(5) PTO shaft Safety Shield- These cones are found on both ends.

PTO Shaft Parts

Three Main PTO Shaft Types

Depending on the job you need to finish, you will choose different PTO types. So, you can find various shafts suitable for mowing, plowing, or shredding, and the equipment and components will resist pressure, impacts, forces, tension, or hits. So you can find the following:

1. Slip clutch PTO shaft – created to prevent your machine and equipment from commonly present obstacles when objects are struck.

For instance, when you encounter rocks and stones, you want to protect the gearbox, so you need a shock-absorbing system to protect your implement.

2. Shear pin PTO shaft – you can use it with an implement such as a chipper.

The end yoke is in two parts, using a shear pin to keep them together while operating. The pin will absorb the shock, eliminate the sudden stop, and avoid damaging the PTO driveline.

3. Non-shear PTO shaft – ideal for equipment not suitable for any sudden halts.

It has a yoke-to-yoke arrangement. The system is convenient for massive mowers, as their movements are smooth, and there won’t be a problem with resistance or stopping.

Slip Clutch PTO Shaft Shear Pin PTO Shaft Non-shear PTO Shaft
Slip Clutch PTO Shaft Shear Pin PTO Shaft Non-shear PTO Shaft

Agricultural Equipment Used PTO Shaft

As long as the device does not have its engine, you will see it being used. For example, you will often see power takeoff used in commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment. PTO shaft innovation mainly comes from the wisdom of farmers. The tractor engine is used as a PTO shaft to operate a jackhammer or other equipment. Some other applications you see for PTO shafts include:
(1) Wood chipper
(2) Hay baler
(3) Harvester
(4) Forest machinery
(5) Rotary tillers

PTO Shaft Application

How to Determine PTO Shaft Size?

If you use farm implements with your tractor, you likely depend on a PTO shaft to deliver power from your machine to the equipment. Accomplishing this transfer requires connecting the driveshaft from the implement to the stub shaft of the PTO tractor. Depending on the equipment, the attached shafts will rotate at 540 or 1,000 rpm during operation.

It’s important for your PTO shaft to be the right size. First, there should be at least a one-third overlap between the shaft and the tube. If you’re using a slip sleeve, the overlap should be approximately 3 inches. If the shaft is too long, it will bottom out and create a conflict between the tractor and the shaft. In most cases, this will cause damage to one or the other, or both.

How to Determine PTO Shaft Size How to Determine PTO Shaft Size

How to Cut A PTO Shaft to the Right Size?

You can cut your PTO shaft to prevent it from bottoming out, so the tractor and gearbox are not in conflict. Follow these five steps to complete this process.

1. Find Your Part Number

The first step in cutting your PTO shaft to adjust the size is understanding the part number of the specifications provided. Look at the label on the shaft to find yours. An example of a part number is 14006127.

In this example, 1,400 is the designation of a complete shaft. The sixth means that it is a Bondy LD shaft. The one refers to the series number, and 27 is the measurement in inches from one tip of the shaft to the other.

2. Attach Parts of Your Shaft to Your Tractor and Gearbox

To measure your shaft for cutting, take it apart, hook one tube and shield onto the tractor and attach the other to the gearbox. Make sure both parts are straight so you can get the most accurate measurements.

3. Measure the Distance Between Parts

Next, measure the shortest distance between the tractor and the gearbox. Be sure to measure in a straight line for an accurate reading. This measurement is the maximum compressed length of an operable PTO shaft for your tractor.

4. Determine How Much You Need to Cut

Use the optimal length of the PTO shaft obtained in step three to figure out how much you need to cut off your shaft so it can function effectively. Take the measurement given in the last digits of your part number and subtract from it the maximum length allowed. This calculation will give you the amount you need to cut to get your shaft to an operational fit for your tractor.

For example, if the maximum compressed length of the shaft for your tractor is 23 inches and you have a 27-inch shaft, you would need to remove 4 inches for it to function properly.

5. Cut Shafts and Shields to the Correct Length

The final step is to cut your shaft to the right length. Leave the shaft apart so you have access to the outer shields and inner tubes. You can use either a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw to cut the material.

If you have two equal-length tubes in your shaft, you will need to cut both tubes and both shields to the appropriate length. If you have unequal tubes, you can shorten only the longer part and the shields. Once you put your shaft back together, it should be the correct, shortened length all around.

How to Remove a Pto Shaft from a Tractor?

Tractors with power take-off (PTO) drive shafts to all types of PTO shaft-driven implements. When the implement's PTO shaft engages the tractor's PTO drive shaft, the shaft rotates 1000 times per minute. The PTO shaft provides mechanical operation power for the implement. The male drive shaft on the tractor has splines that mate with the female drive shaft on the implement. The locking pin or button locks both together.

  1. The PTO shaft needs to be removed to disconnect the implement from the tractor.
  2. Place the vehicle transmission in PARK. Engage the parking brake and switch off the ignition key. Before climbing out of the vehicle, ensure the motor is not running by listening and checking your oil pressure gauge.
  3. Facing the back of the tractor, between the rear wheels. Check the connection position of the implemented PTO shaft to the PTO spindle on the tractor. You will see a safety cover covering the area.
  4. Reach under the safety shield and touch the implement coupling with your fingers. Locate the pin or button that locks the axle to the tractor. Press the button or pin with your thumb.
  5. Shake the shaft up and down, back and forth, until the PTO shaft is separated from the tractor's PTO spindle.
  6. Loosen all safety chains that secure the shield on the axle to the tractor. The PTO shaft is now removed.
How to Remove a Pto Shaft from a Tractor How to Remove a Pto Shaft from a Tractor

Use PTO Shaft Safety Tips

Before you start the power source, be sure the PTO shaft is disengaged. If the PTO shaft is already engaged when you start the power source, the equipment powered by the PTO shaft will begin to operate.

Use extreme caution when operating equipment with a separable PTO shaft. Never hook 540-rpm (revolutions per minute) equipment to a 1,000-rpm PTO shaft or vice versa.

If the shaft does separate, disengage the PTO shaft immediately and stop the power unit.

Keep safety shields securely fastened on the equipment. Periodic inspections and maintenance of the shields/guards may be necessary. Safe operation of the PTO shaft is not possible without these shields in place. A sudden slip or fall could throw a worker directly onto the unshielded rotation shaft. Also, those who are unfamiliar with the equipment may not recognize the danger of the power shaft.

Wear snug-fitting clothes when working around power shafts. Loose clothing can catch in or be wrapped around the power shaft. Do not step over an operating PTO shaft. A sudden slip or a loose shoestring could cause the worker to become entangled in the PTO shaft. Long hair may also become entangled in a PTO shaft. Hair should be pulled back out of the way and secured. Also, avoid any type of jewelry that could become entangled, causing dismemberment or bodily injury.

Use PTO Shaft Safety Tips

Agricultural Gearboxes for PTO Shafts are Available

Agricultural equipment is prone to damage due to constant stress and load. It's important to know exactly what's causing the damage to identify a solution. Constant compression of a PTO shaft can damage connecting shafts and connections. In turn, a damaged tractor or implement will result. Fortunately, the average torque on an input shaft increases with ground speed. Using a PTO shaft on an agricultural tractor is one of the best ways to transfer mechanical power from the engine to the equipment. A PTO shaft is crucial for a weed eater, a tiller, or a bush hog. Proper PTO size is vital to protect both the tractor and the equipment.

As the population continues to grow, so does the need for food. Agricultural machinery manufacturers have to look for new ways to meet this growing demand. With this in mind, selecting a quality replacement is essential to maximizing agricultural equipment's potential. HZPT stocks an extensive selection of agricultural PTO shafts and gearboxes. We offer both North American and Italian-style PTO shafts. In addition, the agricultural gearbox is in a wide range. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

pto shaft Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft ep R C

PTO Shaft Manufacturers & Suppliers

HZPT covers an area of more than 12000 square meters and employs more than 100 people. We specialize in developing, manufacturing, and selling PTO shafts, industrial universal shafts, automobile drive shafts, universal joint coupling shafts, universal joints, etc. The annual turnover is 60 million yuan and 9 million US dollars, increasing year by year. Our products enjoy a high reputation among customers in Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, and North America. We are the top three professional OEM suppliers of many agricultural tool factories in the domestic market. HZPT  transmission shaft adheres to our “QDP” principle: quality first, rapid delivery, and competitive price. We have obtained CE, TS / 16949, and ISO9001 certifications, and have systematic production equipment and a QC team to ensure our quality and delivery. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and establish mutually beneficial long-term cooperative relations.

Triangular End Yoke for PTO Shaft

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