The internal structure of Crossed Roller Bearings adopts the rollers arranged in a 90° vertical cross-arrangement. This design enables cross roller bearings to withstand radial, axial, and moment loads in all directions. At the same time, the size of the inner and outer rings is minimized, especially the ultra-thin form is a small size close to the limit and has high rigidity, so it is suitable for the joint parts or rotating parts of industrial robots and the rotary table of machining centers. Manipulator rotating parts, precision rotary tables, medical instruments, measuring instruments, IC manufacturing equipment, etc., are widely used.

Features of crossed roller bearings

1. Crossed roller bearings can be assembled in all spindle directions and are easy to use.

2. they can withstand both radial and axial loads, thus simplifying the machine structure and reducing the machine’s weight.

3. crossed roller bearings have low grease consumption due to high rotational efficiency and low heat dissipation.

4. High rotary accuracy due to negative clearance.

5. High rigidity, 3-4 times more rigid than conventional bearings.

6. High load carrying capacity, the roller and raceway are in linear contact and can withstand higher loads.