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We offer motor base products, such as sliding motor bases, conversion motor bases and adjustable motor bases for a variety of industrial applications. Our motor bases are quality guaranteed so that you can be confident you are operating reliable and safe machinery.

If you have motor mounting requirements, you've come to the right place. Our specialists solve many design problems in adjustable or fixed mountings for motors plus speed reducers, clutches, dynamic brakes, generators, gear motors and other power transmission assemblies. Their solutions draw up many years of successful designs, both simple and complex. They utilize precise yet economical steel fabrications in all types of platforms, structures, plates, benches and scoop arrangements, as well as bases and rails.

Our engineers understand motor mounting problems and know how to solve them. Standard or special bases are used in countless motor applications, from fractional horsepower to thousands of horsepower. As one of the largest manufacturers of electric motor bases in China, the knowledge and experience we have gained has saved our customers time and money. Contact us now to get more information!

Electric Motor Base Plate
Motor Base Frame

Electric Motor Base Types

Electric motor bases come in many different styles and sizes. Depending on the application, you can choose a NEMA motor base, variable pitch pulley base, or DC motor base. Other types of bases accommodate different types of motors, such as servos or steppers. Some models also include a spring-loaded tension.

Different types of electric motor bases have different features and can be used for different applications. Some are suitable for lighter tasks, while are made for heavier duty applications. There are also bases designed for variable pitch pulley motors. You can also customize a motor base to fit your specific needs. You can choose from various styles, materials, and sizes to choose the one that is right for your application.

Motor Slide Base

Electric Motor Slide Base

An is used to compensate for slipping, vibration, and other factors that can cause unnecessary wear and tear on electric motors. It is used with a wide variety of electric motors and applications, including pumps, conveyors, fans, compressors, and other spring loaded mechanisms. With the help of these bases, you can install electric motors with ease and enjoy the benefits of this product.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Motor Base

Heavy Duty Adjustable Motor Base

A Heavy Duty Adjustable Motor Base is used for holding electric motors in different positions. Its design makes it compatible with a variety of motor sizes and speeds. These motor bases are often made of steel or stainless steel and have a wide range of applications. In addition, they are energy-efficient and help to maintain the belt tension for optimum performance.The main feature of a Heavy Duty Adjustable Motor Base is that it makes belt tension adjustment easier.

Adjustable Motor Bases


Adjustable Motor Bases

Adjustable rail type electric motor bases are more capable of adapting to uneven surfaces due to the use of spacer plates can be utilized on every rail to ensure that the motor remains at a level. They also offer cost savings when compared to other types of motor bases. Be aware that each size comes as a pair.

Electric Motor Conversion Bases


Electric Motor Conversion Bases

An electric motor conversion base is an integral part of electric motor mounting system. It is designed to support the motor and pulley assembly while reducing weight. Moreover, it offers enhanced reliability, customization, and flexibility. Its range of motor mounting fixtures caters to every NEMA motor frame size, including single-adjustable slides.

Pivoting Electric Motor Base

Pivoting Electric Motor Base

A pivot base is an electrical motor mounting system that relies on the electric motor's weight and direction of rotation to rotate the motor. The motor is held in place using bolts and slots on the base. The motor's weight causes the belt tension to increase as the motor moves away from the pivoting shaft. The arms are designed to move downward and upward to reduce the distance between the motor and the pulley center.

SMA Adjustable Motor Base

SMA Motor Base










MP Adjustable Motor Base

MP Motor Base












MB Adjustable Motor Base

MB Motor Base


MB Adjustable Motor BaseMb Adjustable Motor Base
DHA Motor Rail Track Series

DHA Motor Base






















Electric Motor Base

Motor Bases & Stamping Parts for Sale

Motor bases are usually engineered out of steel. It provides a solid base of innovative design for proper support. It is smooth and great in appearance. The main objective behind choosing bases is to offer proper travel. They are completely adjustable with the help of a single screw that can be adjusted. 

If you are looking for motor bases & stamping parts for sale, you need to know its features, functionalities, etc.

Whether you want to know about bases or electric motor base types, you need to look at nowhere else but HZPT. We provide a complete solution to your requirements. 

Motor Base Features

Suits for different kinds of motors

Easy installation, unloading, and usage

Data can be supplied on request

Several kinds of surface treatments available: galvanized, color zinc, spray coated

Special types can be produced according to drawings.


What Are the Common Industries that Can Use Bases?

There are several industries that need motor bases and stamping parts for sale whether online or offline. Let's check out a few top industries. 

  • Air handling 
  • Aggregate and cement 
  • Mining 
  • Food, pharmaceutical and beverage
  • Chemical, gas and oil
  • What and wastewater 
  • Unit as well as baggage handling 
  • Paper and forest.

What Are the Common Applications that Need Electric Motor Base Types?

There are various applications that need electric or otherwise motor bases. So, let's check out a few of them given below.

  • Compressors and pumps. 
  • Blowers, exhausts and fans for air handling. 
  • Bulk and unit material conveyors. 
  • Innovative machine tools. 
  • Mills, lathe machines, planers, and woodworking saws. 
  • Shaker screens, classifiers, breakers, shredders, crushers, and many others. 


Motor Base Plate

Motor Bases

Hi-Lo Adjustable Motor Bases Models 130 and 145
This motor base is designed of steel parts
in place of castings to be:

lighter in weight
greater in strength and rigidity
lower in cost
It can be mounted in any position.

Hi-Lo Adjustable Motor Bases Models 213, 254 and 284
Models #213 and #254 are designed with:

Oversize slide rod rails

Oil-impregnated bronze bearings for large

Lubricated sliding surfaces

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