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 Speed reducer & gearbox manufacturer

Hangzhou ever-power transmission Co., ltd. is based in Hangzhou and serves customers. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to developing and producing high-efficiency transmission series products. We have always adhered to the entrepreneurial concept of “customer-centered, quality-oriented, innovation and development-oriented” and “serving the public, benefiting and expanding.” Gradually expand the market and export to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and other overseas markets, and have a high reputation in the field of power transmission.

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Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 0.worm gearbox d 3

The company mainly produces four R/S/K/F gear reducers, RV series worm gear reducers, helical gearboxes, cycloidal gearboxes, planetary reducers, and precision planetary reducers. They can be matched with ordinary y (Y2) motors, explosion-proof B (Yb) motors, DC Z motors, brake e (YEJ) motors, variable frequency v (YVP) motors, variable frequency brake ve motors, track g motors, and various servo motors for non-standard connection.
The company adopts the modular combination design scheme and establishes a digital parameter management system, making the products more applicable and stable. Single or combined products can meet the different needs of customers. The products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, shipbuilding, petrochemical, aerospace, food, medical, packaging, transportation, textile, paper making, general machinery, and other fields. The company's products are sold worldwide and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and other countries and regions. Provide stable and economical options for your drive application so that your production is smoother and your performance is more brilliant!

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep worm gearbox 0

EP-NMRV Series Worm Reducer(Aluminum)

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep EP NMRV
  • EP-NRV…F
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep EP NRV...F
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep EP NRV...VS
  • EP-NRV
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep EP NRV
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep MEP NRV...F
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep EP NMRV...VS
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep PCEP NMRV
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep EP NMRVEP NMRV


Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep wp series gearbox 0

WP Series Worm Reducer (Cast iron)

  • WPWE
  • WPEA
  • WPES
  • WPEX
  • WPEO
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep screw jack 0

SWL Series Screw Jack Lifter

  • Cylinder Type
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.cylinder 6
  • Nut Type
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.nut
  • Flange Type
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.flange
  • Thread Type
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.thread
  • Flat Head Type
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.flat head
SWL series screw jack JW series screw jack
  • SWL2.5
  • SWL5
  • SWL10
  • SWL15
  • SWL20
  • SWL25
  • SWL35

JWM series
(Trapezoid screw)

  • JWM010
  • JWM025
  • JWM050
  • JWM100
  • JWM150
  • JWM200
  • JWM300
  • JWM500
  • JWM750
  • JWM1000

JWB series
(General ball screw)

  • JWB010
  • JWB025
  • JWB050
  • JWB100
  • JWB150
  • JWB200
  • JWB300
  • JWB500


R/F/K/S Series Helical Gearbox

R/F/S/K Series Gearbox

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.r seriesR Series Helical Geared Motor
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.f seriesF Series Helical-Bevel Gear Motor
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.r seriesS Series Helical-Worm Geared Motor
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.k seriesK Series Helical-Bevel Gear Motor

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes BKM

BKM series Helical-hypoid Gear Units

  • BKM..C (MV)

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.BKM MV

  • BKM..B (ST)

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 2.BKM IEC

  • BKM..B(IEC)

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 3.BKM ST


Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep rc series gearbox 4

RC Series Helical gearbox

  • RC..P (IEC)

Foot-mounted helical gear unit

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 01.rc series gearbox 5
  • RC..HS

Shaft input foot-mounted helical gear unit

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 02.rc series gearbox 5
  • RCZ..P (IEC)

B14 Flange-mounted helical gear unit

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 03.rc series gearbox 6
  • RCZ..HS

Shaft input B14 Flange-mounted helical gear unit

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 04.rc series gearbox 7
  • RCF..P (IEC)

Flange-mounted helical gear unit

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 05.rc series gearbox 7
  • RCF…HS

Shaft input Flange-mounted helical gear unit

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 06.rc series gearbox 7
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 6.WG GEARBOX

JWG series Helical-worm Gear Units

  • JWG50
  • JWG63
  • JWG75
  • JWG90
  • JWG110
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep hb series

HB Series Helical gearbox

H Series Helical Gear Unit

Parallel shaft

B Series Bevel-helical Gear Unit

Right angle

Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep h series Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep b series

Horizontal mounting

Solid shaft
Solid shaft
Hollow shaft
Hollow shaft
Hollow shaft with shrink disk
Hollow shaft with shrink disk
Hollow shaft with involute spline
Hollow shaft with involute spline
Vertical mounting
Solid shaft
Solid shaft
Hollow shaft
Hollow shaft
Hollow shaft with shrink disk
Hollow shaft with shrink disk
Hollow shaft with involute spline
Hollow shaft with involute spline
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 2.DY GEARBOX

DY Series Right Angle Gearboxes

DBY (2 Stage) DCY (3 Stage)
  • DBY160
  • DBY180
  • DBY200
  • DBY224
  • DBY250
  • DBY280
  • DBY315
  • DBY355
  • DBY400
  • DBY450
  • DBY500
  • DBY560
  • DCY160
  • DCY180
  • DCY200
  • DCY224
  • DCY250
  • DCY280
  • DCY315
  • DCY355
  • DCY400
  • DCY450
  • DCY500
  • DCY560
  • DCY630
  • DCY710
  • DCY800
DFY (4 Stage)

  • DFY160
  • DFY180
  • DFY200
  • DFY225
  • DFY250
  • DFY280
  • DFY320
  • DFY360
  • DFY400
  • DFY450
  • DFY500
  • DFY560
  • DFY630
  • DFY710
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep ZLYJ reducer 3

Extruder Gearbox

There are two familiar series of extruder gearboxes that apply to two types of screw extruders:

  • ZLYJ/ZSYJ series single screw extruder gear unit
  • SZ Series Conical Twin Screw Extruder Gear Unit
Ratio Models
  • ZLYJ112
  • ZLYJ133
  • ZLYJ146
  • ZLYJ173
  • ZLYJ200
  • ZLYJ225
  • ZLYJ250
  • ZLYJ280
  • ZLYJ315
  • ZLYJ330
  • ZLYJ375
  • ZLYJ420
  • ZLYJ450
  • ZLYJ630
  • ZSYJ450
  • ZSYJ560
  • ZSYJ630
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 3.MC GEARBOX

MC Series Gearbox

MC series industrial gearbox has the following 2 types:

  • MC.H Series Parallel Shaft Gearbox
  • MC.B Series Right Angle Gearbox
Input Power 7.05 KW-1066 KW
Output Speed 15.5-267.1 rpm
Output Torque 8000 N.m-66000 N.m
Ratio 7.1-112
Stage Stage
Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep ZQ 3

ZQ Series Cylindrical gearbox

Rated power: 0.4-15kW
Torque: 300-1800N.m
Input speed: 600-1550rpm
Output speed: 0-1550rpm
  • ZQ250
  • ZQ350
  • ZQ400
  • ZQ500
  • ZQ650
  • ZQ750
  • ZQ850
  • ZQ1000
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 4.BK GEARBOX

    BK Series Bucket Elevator Gearbox


    • Bucket Elevators
    • Bucket Conveyors
    • Scraper Conveyors
    • Hoists
    • Winches
    • Freight Lifts
    • Passenger Elevators
    • Escalators
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.ZY GEARBOX

    ZY Series Parallel Shaft gearbox

    ZDY (1 Stage)
    Ratio: 1.25-6.3
    ZLY (2 Stage)
    Ratio: 6.3~20
    • ZDY80
    • ZDY100
    • ZDY125
    • ZDY160
    • ZDY200
    • ZDY250
    • ZDY280
    • ZDY315
    • ZDY355
    • ZDY400
    • ZDY450
    • ZDY500
    • ZDY560
    • ZLY112
    • ZLY125
    • ZLY140
    • ZLY160
    • ZLY180
    • ZLY200
    • ZLY224
    • ZLY250
    • ZLY280
    • ZLY315
    • ZLY355
    • ZLY400
    • ZLY450
    • ZLY500
    • ZLY560
    • ZLY630
    • ZLY710
    ZSY (3 Stage)
    Ratio: 22.4~100
    ZFY (4 Stage)
    Ratio: 100~500
    • ZSY160
    • ZSY180
    • ZSY200
    • ZSY224
    • ZSY250
    • ZSY280
    • ZSY315
    • ZSY355
    • ZSY400
    • ZSY450
    • ZSY500
    • ZSY560
    • ZSY630
    • ZSY710
    • ZFY180
    • ZFY200
    • ZFY225
    • ZFY250
    • ZFY280
    • ZFY320
    • ZFY360
    • ZFY400
    • ZFY450
    • ZFY500
    • ZFY560
    • ZFY630
    • ZFY710
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 5.MBY GEARBOX

    MBY/MBYX Series Edge Drive Mill Gearbox


    • Tube Mills, Cement Mills, Coal Mills
    • Applied to crushing ores, coal sheets, and cement clinker in building materials, coal, mine, metallurgy, and chemical industries
    Rated Power: 200kW~5000kW
    Ratio: 4:1~7.1:1
    Center Distance: 400~1100mm
    Gearset: Parallel Shaft Helical Gears
    Shafts Position: Parallel Shaft
    Mounted: Mounted
    Housing: Housing: Cast Iron, Steel Plate Welding
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep TA gearbox 3

    ATA Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox

    1 Stage 2 Stage
    • ATA30
    • ATA35
    • ATA40
    • ATA45
    • ATA50
    • ATA60
    • ATA70
    • ATA80
    • ATA100
    • ATA125
    • ATA35D
    • ATA40D
    • ATA45D
    • ATA50D
    • ATA60D
    • ATA70D
    • ATA80D
    • ATA100D
    • ATA125D
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep SMR gearbox 1

    SMR Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox

    Models Output Shaft Bore
    SMR-B 30mm 40mm
    SMR-C 40mm 50mm
    SMR-D 50mm 55mm
    SMR-E 55mm 65mm
    SMR-F 65mm 75mm
    SMR-G 75mm 85mm
    SMR-H 85mm 100mm
    SMR-J 100mm 120mm
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 7.zjy GEARBOX

    ZJY Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox

    Models Output Shaft Bore
    ZJY106 45mm
    ZJY125 55mm
    ZJY150 60mm
    ZJY180 70mm
    ZJY212 85mm
    ZJY250 100mm
    ZJY300 120mm
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep Cycloidal gearbox 14 2

    BL/XL flange vertical installed double shaft type

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep Cycloidal gearbox 1

    BW/XW baseboard horizontal installed double shaft type 

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep Cycloidal gearbox 12

    BLD/XLD flange vertical installed motor direct-connection type

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep Cycloidal gearbox 11

    BWD/XWD baseboard horizontal installed motor direct-connection type

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep planetary reducer 14

    High-precision planetary reducer


    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.BAB 1 planetaryBAB Series
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 2.BABR 1 planetaryBABR Series
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 3.BAD 1 planetaryBAD Series
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 4.BADR 1 planetaryBADR Series
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 5.BAE 1 planetaryBAE Series
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 6.BAF 1 planetaryBAF Series
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 7.BPG 1 planetaryBPG/BPGA Series


    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 17 planetary reducer 1 2

    Gearbox for Wheeled Vehicle

    • EP601L1A
    • EP603L2A
    • EP603L2B
    • EP602L2
    • EP605L2
    • EP606L2, L3
    • EP607L2, L3
    • EP607L2, L3
    • EP609L2, L3
    • EP610L2, L3
    • EP611L2, L3
    • EP613L3
    • EP615L3
    Bosch Rexroth GFT series
    transmital bonfiglioli 600 series
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep Planetary Gearboxes For Feed

    Planetary Feed Mixer Gearbox

    PGA502 PGA1002
    PGA1003 PGA1202
    PGA1602 PGA1603
    PGA1702 PGA1703
    PGA2102 PGA2103
    PGA2502 PGA3003
    PGA3004 PGA4203
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 18 slewing reducer 3 2

    Planetary Slewing Drive Gearbox

    • EP700L
    • EP701L
    • EP703AL
    • EP705AL
    • EP705L
    • EP706AL
    • RP706L
    • EP707AL
    • EP707L
    • EP709AL
    • EP711AL
    • EP711L
    • EP713
    • EP715L3
    • EP706S
    • EP707S
    • EP709S
    • EP710S
    • EP710BS
    • EP710DS
    • EP714S
    • EP715S
    • EP716S
    • EP717S
    Bosch Rexroth GFB series
    transmital bonfiglioli 700T series
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep winch drives 1

    Gearbox for Tracked Vehicle

    Replacement brand: bonfiglioli

    700C1H, 701C1, 703C2H, 705C2H, 706C3H, 707C3B, 709C3B, 710C3B, 711C3B, 715C3B, 716C3B, 717C3H, 718C3H, 720C3H


    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 19 gear speed reducer 1

    Gearbox for Wind Turbines

    • EP700L
    • EP701L
    • EP703AL
    • EP705AL
    • EP706BL4
    • EP707AL4
    • EP709AL4
    • EP711BL4
    • EP713L4
    • EP715L4
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep GFw Series Planetary Gearbox 1

    Gearbox for Winch

    • 400W1
    • 401W1
    • 402W2
    • 403W2
    • 405W
    • 405.4W
    • 406AW
    • 406W
    • 406BW3
    • 407AW
    • 407W3
    • 410W3
    • 413W3
    • 414W3
    • 415W3
    • 416W3
    • 417W3
    • 419W3
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 1.planetary

    Inline / Right Angle Planetary gearbox

    • EP300L
    • EP301L
    • EP303L
    • EP305L
    • EP306L
    • EP307L
    • EP309L
    • EP310L
    • EP311L
    • EP313L
    • EP315L
    • EP316L
    • EP317L
    • EP318L
    • EP319L
    • EP321L

     ▍Other gearboxes


    WJ Series Worm-gear Speed Reducer


    EP-NMRV-EP-NRV Worm Gear Speed Reduction Unit

    025, 030,040,050,063,075,090,110,130

    Combination Worm Gear Units

    EP-NMRV/EP-NMRV 030+040, 030+050, 030+063, 040+075, 040+090, 050+110, 063+130


    TXF Series Planet Cone-disk Stepless Speed Variator

    TXF005/071, TXF010/80

    UD Series Plant Cone-disk Stepless Speed Variator

    UD0.18,UD0.25, UD0.37,UD0.55,UD0.75, UD1.1,UD1.5,UD2.2,UD3,UD4,UD5,UD7.5


    Single speed worm gear reducer (RATIO 1/10-1/60)


    Doulbe speed worm gear reducer (RATIO 1/100-1/3600)


    Universal speed reducer ( RATIO 1/10-1/60)


     How to Select a Gearbox?

    The most commonly used information includes:

    1. Input speed and horsepower
    2. Required output speed or required output torque (which will determine the transmission ratio)
    3. Use characteristics; Hours per day, nature of shock or vibration in the system
    4. Suspension load degree
    5. Device configuration, shaft input or hollow hole input, shaft output or hollow hole output
    6. Unit direction, for example, for fitting angle worm gear, above or below worm, shaft horizontal or vertical.
    7. Unique materials; Corrosion resistant coating, stainless steel housing, and shaft

    ● Service coefficient
    The starting point of most gearbox manufacturers is to define the service factor. This tool adjusts the type of input, the number of hours of use per day, and any shock or vibration problems that may exist in the application. Applications with irregular impacts, such as grinding applications, will require higher service factors than applications with uniform loading. Similarly, a device used intermittently will have a lower coefficient than a device used 24 hours a day.
    ● Service level
    Once this factor is determined, it defines a service category. A device driven by an ordinary AC motor drives a constant speed conveyor with uniform loading for 20 hours a day, and its service level is usually level 2.

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep China Gearbox Manufacturer 1
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 0.worm gearbox f

    ● install
    At this point, the unit size and capacity have been defined, so the next step is to determine the installation characteristics of the unit. Although there are some standard mounting configurations, gearbox manufacturers offer a wide range of options for each unit size. Flange input with hollow hole, used for C-frame motor, combined with the protruding output shaft on the left, may be the most common installation method, but there are many other options. Options such as mounting feet above or below the gearbox body, hollow outputs, and input and output configurations are possible. All gearbox manufacturers list their installation options and dimensional information in their catalogs and websites.

    ● Overhang load
    Once the unit size is selected, the gearbox manufacturer's catalog or website will provide the maximum allowable overhang load value for the specific unit. If the load in the application is higher than the allowable value, it may be necessary to increase the gearbox size to consider the overhung load.

    ● Lubricants, seals, and motors
    Once the unit size and configuration are completed, there are still some steps to be solved. Most manufacturers offer an option to ship the gearbox filled with lubricating oil (for most manufacturers, it is empty by default and let the customer fill it on site). Some manufacturers recommend using a second set of seals for vertical axis-down applications. Finally, since many gearboxes are eventually installed on C-frame motors, many manufacturers will also provide services to integrate motors into gearboxes and ship components as a single unit.

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes ep 2. A well lubricated gearbox Handbook

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    Gearbox and reducer application scenarios

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes paper wood handling

    Gearbox for Wood Handling

    Decades of experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical power transmission technology for fibre, paper and tissue applications ensures we are a reliable supplier of Gearbox for wood handling applications.

    Gearbox for Chemical & Mechanical Pulping

    Gearbox for Chemical pulping is used for materials that need to be strong or combined with mechanical pulp to give additional product characteristics. Cooking, washing, bleaching and filter drives are key to this process and we supply robust gear systems for these very applications.
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes chemical and mechanical pulping
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes kiln low res

    Gearbox for Chemical Recovery

    Gearbox for Characterised by operational reliability and high efficiency, HZPT drive solutions offer maximum performance throughout your chemical processing equipment’s entire lifecycle.

    Gearbox for Stock Preparation

    We deliver a complete range of mechanical drive solutions for each stock preparation phase. To ensure optimum performance, our gear boxes are tailored to our customers’ specific applications for maximum results and process availability.

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes stock preparation
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes recycling

    Gearbox for Recycling

    Our fibre recycling gearboxes are tailored to each application’s specific requirements and duty cycle. Engineered to deliver optimum performance, our drum pulper drives can be supplied as a single optimised solution, or as individual components.

    Gearbox for Paper Making

    Running at super high speeds, paper and board machines demand near constant gear unit operation and require a high degree of reliability.

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes finishing
    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes panelboard production

    Gearbox for Panel board Production

    HZPT engineers high performance gear systems for continuous press, calendar and dryer applications used in the production of panelboard.

    Gearbox for Tissue Production

    Tissue machines are typically demanding applications and HZPT is proud to be the market leading manufacturer of gearboxes for Yankee Cylinders.

    Speed Reducer & Gearboxes tissue production

    Gearbox for Finishing

    Calling on almost three centuries of industrial gear engineering expertise, HZPT designs, develops and manufactures winder and unwinder drive systems for finishing applications.

    Speed Reducer Gearbox – Speed Reducer Price, Features and Specs

    Speed reducer gearbox is a part of speed reducers. Now, the question arises here what a speed reducer is. Actually, these are usual items of machinery. A reducer is an innovative gear train especially between the machinery and the motor. It helps in reducing the speed of a machine. 

    Are you looking for a speed reducer gearbox for sale? If so, then there are various manufacturers that can be of great help. But before making a deal, you first need to know the features, specs and price of speed reducer. 

    Explore Specifications and Features

    When it comes to choosing a machine, you would always like to choose the best out of the best options. The same situation can also be observed when it comes to choosing a reducer. Thus, you need to take features and specifications of the same into consideration. The way to evaluate features of a machine or device is to go through reviews. 

    Yes, by going through reviews, you could easily know the pros and cons of a device. When you are aware about the positive and negative aspects of a product, you can certainly make the right choice. So, if you don't want to repent on your decision, you need to keep this point in mind. By going through a few reviews about speed reducer gearbox exporters, you can easily know about a right option. 

    Price Vs Quality 

    However, it's true that you should always take speed reducer price into consideration, but it doesn't mean that you should ignore the quality of the product. Yes, quality is something that decides the final durability and functionality of a device. So, you should avoid going with a cheap priced product in order to save just a few bucks. Instead, you need to take the quality of the machine into consideration. 

    There are various top speed reducer & gearbox manufacturers that can help you choose the products with the best price tag. So, when it comes to determining the best product, you need to take two points into consideration price and quality. Go with the best quality of products that can easily fit within your budget.

    Best Manufacturer Can Help You Choosing a Right Gearbox 

    If you want to choose the best gearbox, you first need to choose the best speed reducer gearbox manufacturer. Now, the question arises here: how to know about the best manufacturer? For this, you need to explore the power of the internet. By thoroughly researching online, you can be able to create a list of top manufacturers online. When you have a list of best manufacturers online, you need to go through their product range and offerings to make a final buying decision.

    If you are still confused about how to choose the best manufacturer, you need to look at nowhere else but Torquetrans.com. It is the best place online that can help you explore a range of products to choose from. 

    If you want to know more about reducing gearboxes, you need to get in touch with us. For this, you need to visit at our contact us page.


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    Speed reducers, also called gearboxes and gearheads, as well as gear reducers etc., consist of a set of gears, shafts, and bearings that are factory mounted in an enclosed lubricated housing. Speed reducers are available in a broad range of sizes, capacities and speed ratios. Their job is to convert the input provided by a prime mover (usually an electric motor) into an output of lower RPM and correspondingly higher torque.

    Important performance specifications to consider when searching for gearboxes and gearheads include gear ratio, output torque, maximum input power, and maximum input speed. Ratios are generally specified at X: 1, where X is an integer. Therefore a ratio of 5:1 is specified as 5. A 5:1 ratio means that a motor input of 1750 RPM is converted to 350 RPM. A reducer's input HP rating represents the maximum prime mover size the reducer is designed to handle. Exceeding the maximum input speed can result in oil “churning”, which is detrimental to the life of the speed reducer.

    Gearing arrangements for gearboxes and gearheads include spur, helical, planetary, harmonic, worm, bevel, and cycloidal. Spur gears are gears with teeth that are straight and parallel to the axis of rotation. They are good for parallel shafts. Helical gears are gears with teeth that spiral around the gear. They are similar to spur gears but with greater time of contact and quieter. Planetary gears get their name from a resemblance to a solar system. Planetary reducers can be designed with gear sets or a set of planetary cones. In planetary gear reducers, planet gears revolve around a sun gear. The input shaft rotates the sun gear. Each of the planet gears simultaneously applies a torque to the rotating planet member that then applies a torque to the output shaft (back side). Planetary cone reducers operate on a similar principle, utilizing an input disc, control ring, and planetary cone power train instead of a gear set. Harmonic gears utilize a nested gear within a circular spline, the inside one being flexible and containing two fewer teeth. Each turn of the inside moves the flexible gear anti-clockwise on the Circular Spline. A worm gear is a threaded input shaft meshed with a worm gear that is mounted to the output shaft. These are usually used for right angles. Bevel gears are gears that shafts lie perpendicular to each other, therefore utilized mainly in right-angle applications. Miter gears are bevel gears with a 1:1 ratio. They are not used for speed reduction. Cycloid reducers use rolling elements (such as a cam follower) and a multilobe cam to transmit torque and provide speed reduction. Cycloidal reducers can provide high reduction ratios with low backlash, high accuracy, and high stiffness. The load-sharing feature of cycloidal reducers also allows it to withstand high shock loads.

    A speed reducer is termed a gearhead if it is entirely and directly mounted onto a motor, not just the shaft. Therefore, other speed reducers (gearboxes) are typically coupled with the shaft and then base-mounted. The coupling of the shaft from the prime mover to the input shaft of the speed reducer can be accomplished in a few different ways. If the two shafts are coupled shaft-to-shaft directly, a coupling is required. If they are not coupled shaft-to-shaft, the speed reducer generally has a “quill-style” or hollow shaft for the prime mover shaft to mount into. The coupling is accomplished with a clamping pinion gear or adapter plate. Specific NEMA face adapters (coupling type) are also manufactured to eliminate sizing concerns between motor and gearbox.

    Input and output configurations for gearboxes and gearheads include hollow shaft, hollow shaft, or coupling or bushing. A single input shaft can drive multiple output shafts. The output shafts are usually parallel and in-line. However, some unique configurations exist that allow for offset shafts to be driven at different speeds. Some gearboxes and gearheads can be supplied with a reaction arm. A reaction arm prevents the reducer housing from rotating when there is no base mounts or flanges. Shaft alignment can be parallel in-line, parallel offset, right angle, and non-perpendicular angled shafts. Shafts can be aligned vertically as well. In order for a shaft to be orientated in a vertical position, considerations need to be made regarding lubrication.

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